Is My Bong Too Big For Oils?

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  1. Hey guys I own this bong and smoke both flowers and oils from it.

    I'm wondering if its too big? Please tell me yes so I can justify going and buying a toro. :bongin:
    Also any info on why rigs are small would be appreciated.
    I should point out thats not my vid.

  2. Rigs are smaller to conserve the taste
  3. if anything id say itd be too much diffusion, more diffusion and more space = less taste thats all, also with more diffusion youll be gettin more reclaim (dab resin) n wont get as much out of your smoke.
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    do yourself a favor and go get the Toro.
    my fiancee and i finally saved enough extra money, cent by cent, literally from the change in our pockets at the end of each day and went out and bought ourselves an original Macro bub. best investment ever. i've never had my oil taste so good or get me this baked. the smaller the piece and the less diffusion the better for concentrates. i would really suggest shopping around as you can definitely find a good deal, a lot cheaper than you think. we only paid $200 for ours and it's a black trimmed original Macro, cheapest i could find it for online was $275, guy at the LHS we go to all the time hooked us up. we're already looking into going back to get a circ/circ or froth/froth double micro for flowers too and we just got our Macro a week ago!
    pic for reference:
    loving this HE domeless too btw, it's a great addition to a piece like this.
    p.s. in case anyone's wondering, the quicktag was done by my fiancee, she's the artist not me haha
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    Thanks, for the replys guys esspecially you bondkiller, I've decided to go rig shopping this weekend and will probably end up on a TORO I love living in Chicago having literally 50 smoke shops in a square mile to shop at.
    congrats dude! i hope they have something really awesome for you  :smoke:
  7. yea as they said bro toros kill it for dabs.. but theres plenty of rigs out there but personaly i like toro got 2 a red macaroon, n a circ.circ but i gota say afta hitin the single chamber macro to double chamb single is the way to go lol .. n super tastey but remeber the glass isnt so important as the oil is :p 

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