Is my bong good?

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  1. ive ordered a new ing and wondering if it will do the job i was on tight budget so would like to know if it is good.

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  2. pretty basic but yes it will get the job done.
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  3. Ok thank you
  4. Yep that'll work!
  5. It'll get you high no doubt but plastic is nasty should of got glass bruh:smoking:
  6. it'll work! i like the orange. but switch out that metal bowl for a glass one at least, better for u ♡
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  7. It's acrylic I think and it'll work until you can afford a better piece
  8. Ok will do!
  9. Yeah i was going to buy a nice one when i move out
  10. I had the same one just different colour when younger, they can get you pretty high but dosent taste all to good
  11. Ohh ok
  12. It's got all you need but I never smoked an acryl bong that was good. Always had holes in them where water came out
  13. it will definetely get it done but it's in your interest to invest in a full glass one even if its small
  14. Ok but i carry it out quite alot
  15. i used to jump from my window to go outside and hit the bong at night, you'll be fine just be careful

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