Is my ballast good enough???

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by trillyen, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. Ive been researching and ive came accross some info that informed me that, a high pressure sodium and a metal halide run on a different ballast

    how can i tell if my ballasts will power either or??

    originally i bought them to grow my corals in my salt water tank, and they are said to be metal halide lamps

    so does this mean i can only run metal halides and not hps for flowering???
  2. then you can only use MH in the ballast......i'd do some research and find out the wattage it can hold aswell.

    i highly doubt that you can run both of them.....
  3. If the wattage is 250 or higher, there are HPS conversion bulbs you can get that run in a metal halide ballast and have the right spectrum for flowering. Hortilux has HPS conversion bulbs that is their "Ultra Ace" series.

  4. hey thank u i can save some money now lol

    thank u very much, yes they are 250s that means more plants and fatter buds the right way woo hooo

    thanks alot!!!!

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