Is my baby flowering slow?

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  1. hey everyone!

    I have a topped bagseed plant that i got growing in a closet grow box. She's 13 days into flowering and its definetly a female. My second plant was thrown away a few days after flowering began because it had huge pollen sacks.

    Anyways, i feel like for almost 2 weeks of flowering my girl should have a lot more hair production?

    Here are some flowering specs of my grow (for more info go to my journal)

    CFLs - (4) 23 watt 2700k soft white, (2) 13 watt 6500k daylight - 118 watts total

    Nutes - Schultz Bloom Builder 5-30-5

    I water mondays and thursdays and i feed nutrients every thursday. I used to water 500ml with brita filtered water but i got lazy and now im giving the same amount but in tap water, maybe thats one of the reasons for the yellowing leafs at the bottom.

    Can anyone tell me why i barley have any hairs on this plant and why the hairs havent grown in the past couple days?

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    bag seeds are all different man i got a grow awp goin on also and it includes 11 females, 2 master kush and a cole train feminized off attitudeseedbank and the rest are bag seeds and some of my bag seeds had white hairs/bud spots in 15 different areas and some have like 5 white hairs on the WHOLE plant haha so i wouldnt be worried man just give ur plants time and it will come around. also ur tap water might have chlorine in it so thats another possibililty but who knows at that point in ur plants growth.

    but ur plant seems to be in good shape so i wouldnt be to worried.
  3. some plants are just starting to show sex at 2 weeks in flower so as long as there are some hairs everything is ok.
  4. during the start of flower the plant is stretching. then it goes to flower making. so-- no its not slow. hope this helps:)
  5. thanks everybody i knew i was thinking too much of it. i appreciate the help :)

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