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Is my Aunt a stoner?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Railer, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Well today I was at my cousins birthday dinner thing, and he's turning 13 years old. My aunt is a suburban soccer mom type lady, anti drug and shit, works for a huge bank as a stock broker.

    This might sound stupid but I've heard a lot of people say a way to tell if someone's a stoner is if they have their bic lighter safety off. This is most likely a coincidence, but she had a bic she used to light my cousins candles with no safety and I was just like wtf?

    There's other times too. I'd like to know if my parents ever did, in the 70s. They seem like they never have, especially my mom, but then I get these weird times when my mom says "sketchy" and after I got caught asked me if I "was bringing my bong to toke it up"

    Anyone ever have this?
  2. I don't know
  3. look on bottom of lighter, if black shit is on bottom, then yes. otherwise, no. I'm not a stoner and I rip that shit off when I buy a lighter cause it's annoying
  4. Your aunt, probably not.. but who knows, I've never seen her in my life
    I remove the safety because I can

    Your parents, ask them? Especially if they already know you smoke, you can have a adult-to-adult talk about it
  5. Usally anti drug people arent stoners lol
  6. I dunno, let me go ask her...
    Oh, shoot, that's right, I don't know your aunt, so I can't ask her!
    If only there were someone who knows her that could ask her, because obviously that is the only way to know for sure...
  7. Just look into her eyes, if they are glossy/red then yes, she is a Smoke weed every day stoner.
  8. Safetys are annoying as hell. Everyone takes them off. Look on the bottom of the lighter. Black residue BAM stoner. Or you could just you know ask her? So you suspect her of being a stoner but then also list that she is anti-drug just going on that Ima say no she isn't.
  9. Ask her if she'd score you some weed, then you'll have your answer.

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