Is my Alice actually an Alan? :O

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Scarem, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. Oh some guru please save me from a restless night and tell me this isn't my plant going hermie....

    There is no sign of this (or female parts) anywhere else on the plant, it's quite an odd shape - perhaps just new growth??? But if it is then the plants A-Symmetric for sure.

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  2. And if it is some male balls... how the fuck can I sort it out? Give this one a clip in the hope it will eventually just female flowers?
  3. Too early to tell, my first gut instinct was to say male, but it does look like a calyx, but there are no pistils. Give it a day or two, you should notice preflowers forming at the upper growth nodes, if it's a female it should look something like this:


    Notice below each set of new leaves that bulb shape, the only thing yours is missing is the hairs.
  4. Fingers crossed I get to see some white hair goodness then! Cheers for the response.
  5. Im currently at my first grow, and i got these "balls" too. Eventually they shot out white hairs, so i'd just hold on. I bet its a she ;) Good luck friend

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