is my ak47 lowryder close?

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  1. Yo blades, need a quick eyeball of my AK47 x Lowryder2 auto. It's on day 59, and I know they usually take 70 days, but it's pretty damn stinky and the top cola looks pretty ripe. I'm flushing with molasses right now, hoping it fills out a bit more in the next week or so. Any ideas on about how much longer, any and all suggestions welcome...I'm fairly new at this. The plant was done under mostly a 90 w UFO and a couple CFLs. The medium plant is my whiteberry and the smallest is an AKx diesel auto, thing is taking forever to get going. I'll update with a full harvest/smoke report when it's finished, just haven't had any time for a journal, plus I'm not all that experienced and would rather watch a more experienced grower's journal myself :) Thanks all!

    ak47  1.jpg

    ak 47 2.jpg

    ak47 3.jpg

    ak47 5.jpg


    ak diesel.jpg

    this after 3 weeks!?!?
  2. One more for the very heck of it...

    lees 040.jpg
  3. There's plenty of pics.....anyone?
  4. She's getting there, but will still probably go the distance before she's ready. Every one of mine have gone the full time, most even an extra week. Be patient, its almost over and will be worth it!!
  5. The best way is to use a Microsope to see the trichs. The colors will change as the buds ripen. There is a chart on here somewhere Im looking fo rthe link
  6. No worries, i got the chart...thanks though!

    I hope so, it's been a grind. I think the UFO really did a number on the leaves...they claim no heat but I'm not sure.
  7. Thanks for checking. yea, it could be a nute problem, but at this point I'm just flushing with water and molasses anyway.
  8. i suggest getting a bigger light, perferrably HPS... just my 2 cents... CFL's just dont cut it (they work but compared to MH or HPS... its really uncomparable to me.) and im still sketch about those leds...
  9. thanks for checking. I would use a dozen 1,000 watt HPS lights if i could, but i grow in a small space with little's that or nothing, so I go with leds and cfls. maybe adding more cfls would work? they run sorta hot too...
  10. yeah i used to do CFLs when i grew in my closet living with my parents and they work, (i hate how hot they get and i see people on here with their CFL's touchin plants! i could never get mine that cool)

    but yeah, i guess try and add more lights,
    my true suggestion is to save some money, and invest in a HPS with a cool tube, buy an appropriate fan and install that mofo in your room and watch shit GROW!!

    but i know how hard it is to just pull money out the ass for grow projects so i'd go to wal-mart and buy those connectors that make one light socket into two, and add more lights. try to add another fan and more intake/extake if you have probs with heat. all problems can be solved with enough research on this site, there is so much info here it's unreal, finding it is the problem tho...

    peace dude, take it easy
  11. Appreciate the insight dude, I'll absolutly look into the HPs with a cool tube...
  12. its got more time to go, if u dont have a mag glass to look @ trichs, harvest when 75-80% of hairs turn red
  13. Thanks dude, I really appreciate the advice! i figured it had more time, I'm just wondering if we're talking days or weeks. I'm not that antsy, it's more excitement at seeing a finished, well done product. I'll update this in about a week or so with more pics...
  14. WOW those buds looks delicious. I'm excited to see what the bag seed I'm growing turns out to look like.
  15. +rep dude!

    For a lowryder, Looks absolutely BOMB!
  16. Your Diesel thats taking you for ever yeah.... I shit you not, I had the same shit happened to me but it was lowlife Sour Diesel, I think its just a bad pheno, makes the plant grow retarded... I had it for a about a month, Fuker grew like 5 inches a new growth seemed so minute and morphed... I would scrap it
  17. I dont know what your space is but Im growing in a 4' L x 3'W x 6'H and I use a 250 watt hps/mh and I can keep my temps down pretty easily. Just a belated addition to this thread.

  18. + Rep back at you. Hey thanks for checking, I really do hope it turns out..I check it so often it seems to be crawling! i think you're right, I'll scrap it and plant my other LR2xAK47 this week. thanks again!
  19. No shit? I spent money on a UFO because even the CFLs were keeping the temps up. I keep the closet doors open all day (I had to hook up a carbon filter) and it seems to do well. Maybe I'll try your set-up for next time. I can't figure out a way to keep the doors closed all day and keep the temps down without some sort of vent (which there is not)...thanks for the insight!

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