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Is my acid fukced?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Bizzoo, May 29, 2009.

  1. So i got 13 tabs of acid and stored them in the freezer for about 4 weeks. I took them out of the freezer yesterday just to take a look only to realize that they are encased in a thin layer (half a cm to a cm) of ice (both top and bottom). Has the acid on the tabs been compromised at all, and how should I go about separating the tabs and distributing them amongst my friends accordingly?
  2. If the ice was formed from condensate, there probably isn't any contaminants in the ice that would harm the acid when it melts.

    However, when it does melt its probably going to dossolve some of the Delysid into the liquid.

    Best bet would be to cut them with a razor blade while they are still cold, and try to keep all the ice on the tabs (don't chip it off... there's a chance there might be some sid in it).

    I never keep my tabs in the freezer anymore. I have one of these:

  3. Ok, so as long as the ice is consumed along with the tabs we shouldn't notice any drop in the potency of the individual tabs?
  4. Amo boxes are the shit dude
  5. take them and find out [​IMG]

  6. Yeah, there might be cid in the ice, only a lil though. I would eat the tab with the ice on it, it will still work. If you thaw it the water will absorb the cid and saturate the blotter, proboally wsting some.

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