Is monster cropping suppose to look like this?

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by nonfiction, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. yebb
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  2. It will get even more monster looking with all kinds of chutes coming out
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  3. Yes, but you should start to lst it as soon as possible. How long has the clone been in the re-veg stage?
  4. Maybe two weeks?

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  5. Thanks guys!

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  6. I would definitely start lsting her. I use this method with all my clones. I get pretty close to the same results as lst by its self but with more vigorous growth.

  7. Okay thanks, the new growth really hasn't started yet but I will do asap,!

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  8. Yes, I top all my clones about 10 days after I take them. As soon as I start seeing new growth, I start lsting and super cropping. Some strains I don't top because they don't react well with it.
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  9. Thanks!
  10. That looks remotely normal! I forget how long into flower I took this one but she is the gnarliest plant I've grown yet! Tons of tops and had tons of single and triple bladed leaves until I chopped about half of em off![​IMG][​IMG]

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  11. I wondered if my 1 clone revegged itself. Only 1 of like 20. So far anyway. [​IMG][​IMG] kinda looked like it topped itself at first but then popped out these round leaves. Pics of 2 different cuttings. Everything identical. Cool. I wanted to try it out. I've got some monster branches I gotta try cloning[​IMG]a dozen er so that size. Wish me luck. ( they're like 2 feet short of the canopy cfl grow so they won't produce )

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