Is Mold bad for growing?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by LordVoldefart, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. Hi, just noticed that where im going to be growing has a mold issue. Its molded the wood on the led lights and in on the outside of the tent / whereever there is a faberic (though doesn't go on the mylar or lights and plastic/metal etc).

    This is in a wardrobe, and there is also some mold on the inner wardrobe walls (this wardrobe is fixed in, and next to an outside wall ~ so im guessing the dampness and cold of winter is causing this ~ plus there are cracks in the wall that are also in the wardrobe from an earthquake or something, which wouldn't help).

    Will the mold be an issue? Will it harm the plants or go on the plants?
    If its an issue, whats the best way to remove it / prevent it? I may need a spray or a machine, as i can't fix the cracked walls and cold weather etc.
  2. get some warm water and put some bleach in it and wipe it all down then wipe it down with clean water. then get some damp course treatment from a diy shop (its not expensive and VERY easy to do )and then you should be good to go. wen you set your system up it should dry the cupboard out abit with your lights being warm and your fans in there as well.....hope this helps my friend
  3. Yeah u will wanna get that mold sorted before u even think about setting up, and as the aboove user said your system will more than likely keep it at bay. Give it a good clean in every space possible little cracks and so on, good ventilation and heat from the lights will suely help to keep it clean in there.
  4. If you have mold growing on the fixtures in the room you probable have mold on the interior of the walls. And if you do your going to have mold issues & also possible health issues. Mold is nasty stuff & some strains are dangerous.
    As for suggestions before your first grow wipe down walls, ceiling, floor, woodwork everything with a cleaning product + a strong bleach solution. Also consider repainting the room using paint with a mold killer.
    I wipe my room down after every grow & water the plants only once a day after I discovered a mold issue on my first grow a year ago.
    Now no problems.
    Cheers & good luck:D
  5. Buy a used cheap dehumidifier off ebay.

    Its %100 needed for your setupt.

    The bleach,and shit is goos idea to.

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