Is molasses good for adding wieght to buds

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  1. I have two auto skunk outdoors I feed them 1teaspoon per gallon twice a week unless really hot will it make better yield they are about 40 days out the smallest of buds lots of sites could some one who knows more than me this my first grow
  2. Its suppose to make them have more resin

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  3. I have heard MANY MANY MANY things that "Molasses does"......i just don't know if/what ones are true. I think their are both steadfast believers and non-believers...
  4. The two substances that influence the flavor and smell of bud the most at end cycle are sulfer compounds and carbs/sugars. Molasses has both substances and also has a host of micronutrients. It's great for plants but you want the right kind. Blackstrap Molasses for plants. You also can't use it in a hydro system because it causes foam. There is substitutes for hydro like AN's budcandy and GH's flora nectar series among others.
  5. People ignore sulfer but a plant eats almost as much sulfer or more compared to magnesium. Sulfer is the 6th most consumed compound by cannabis plants.

    Phosphorus is first
    Potassium is second
    Nitrogen is third
    Calcium is 4th
    5th is a tie between magnesium and sulfer.
    6th is iron which is at 1/10 the level that mag is or less.
    Iron is the beginning of the micronutrient scale. Sulfer and Magnesium are the last macro nutrients a plant needs in high amounts. It tapers down after that to below .01% of feed for all other nutrients.
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  6. Poop smells bad because of sulfer compounds BTW.
  7. I used molasses 1x on a outdoor organic grow cookies kush and the only thing I could tell was the buds were extremely frosty and after being cured they smelled very sweet to the point where it didn’t smell good after a few weeks.
  8. It can be overdone for sure but some sulfer compounds and sugars at any time and especially in the final weeks in the right level will give you those stinky terps you're after.

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