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Is MM potent?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by SkullUCG, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. High everyone, ive been thinking of getting a MM card to get rid of the whole having to deal with dealers pinching and trying to screw over thing. Unfortunently my dealers get some fairly potent stuff, (North Bay San Francisco Cali) area. I was wondering how potent is the legit stuff? It'd be pretty tarded to drop $135 on a card to get shwag.

  2. They have all kinds but they surely have top of the line grade-A shit
  3. K, Just so long as there puttin a little love into there grow. Thanks for the help.

    I also just realized i typed High Everyone, Instead of Hi everyone :p
  4. What are you going to tell the doctor dummy?

    That you want a green card to avoid dealers pinching?

    GL with that.
  5. I'm sure he has a condition that would justify a MMJ card, right?

    Some back pain... or maybe he can't sleep at night? You don't know.
  6. To my understanding you can get some pretty awesome high quality buds. I'm sure your bud quality will depend upon which dispensary you go to. If you get some shitty buds at one place, either go back and tell them you're looking for something more powerful or just find a new place. It's just like in Amsterdam, all of the cafes have their own weed, you'll find stuff you like and stuff you don't... shitty trimmed bud to the best you've seen in your life. Give it a shot, dropping $135 on a card is nothing.
  7. And, depending on where you live, if you have the card you can grow your own.

    It could take a few tries to get right but in the end it will be worth it.
  8. Depends on where you live but I know almost all the ones in California have top quality stuff.
  9. From what I've seen medical grade cannabis is great. I'm sure it varies from dispensary to dispensary, but generally speaking I think the quality is fairly high (no pun intended).

    Although, it isn't a stretch that some of your dealers may have almost or equally as "potent" marijuana. I have only met one person with bud as quality as the stuff I get legitimately and I'm very inclined towards believing his was medical grade. His bud was out of this world.

    But I must say that I hope you aren't attempting to get a card for the wrong reasons...
  10. You can always read up and grow your own and get high quaility bud eh? And since your already getting from dealers you probably already have some seeds yes?
    Medical Marijuana needs a more developed system. Right now it's, grow it, oh wait seeds are illegal, or get from a dispensery and have chance of one not near you.

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