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Is Milk Really Bad For You?

Discussion in 'The Great Indoors' started by SwichOne, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. People who say they get diarrhea from drinking milk are probably either lactose intolerant, or they're not getting enough fiber in their diet. Low fiber diets will almost always equal diarrhea, especially if you add milk or lactose to them.
  2. I thought the ONE thing it would be good for would be strengthening bones...

    Guess i was wrong.
    I fucking love milk, I drink AT LEAST a half gallon a day! THERE IS NO GOD!!!!!
  4. the quality of the milk is pretty much dependent on the cow and what its fed. i dont need to preach about how fucking disgusting the cows get treated, but they do get treated fucking disgusting.

    its a simple matter of responsible consumption in this era of massproduction.
    for me, homogenizated pasteurized milk from sick cows isnt what i would categorize as delicius anymore.. i'll still eat bakery though :cool:

    also, jared from hed pe posted this up. pretty intresting read:
    Dangers Of Milk And Dairy Products - The Facts
  5. I don't drink milk, period. I've never been diagnosed as lactose intolerant, but it seemswhen I consume lots of dairy my digestion system speeds up ten fold and does not process the dairy and other foods right, also hurts immensely.
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    I'm going to go ahead and take the time to destroy the fuck out of that guy's cute little article. Regardless of the healthiness of milk, this is an atrocious attempt to make milk look bad.

    A. The fat in milk is not a negative aspect unless your a lazy fuck. Fat is good for us, very good for us. There are many types of fats we need.

    B. The Calcium not being a sufficient source isn't a negative, it's just not a positive.

    C. Bacteria? Fucking really... This is just a sad attempt at bashing milk's credibility? Our bodies consist of millions upon millions of bacteria. We know very little about them. We essentially know that some are good, some neutral, and some bad. What kind of oh so horrible deadly bacteria are they talking about? He never specified... he just says bacteria. That could mean any number of things, not necessarily that it's bad.

    D. They say people who are genetically susceptible to multiple sclerosis and other diseases are more prone to have it show up if they consume milk. There are thousands of unknown factors from foods that trigger diseases... Lets just quit eating altogether. Then we can all live... FOREVER!

    E. Obesity? That isn't a negative aspect of milk, that's a negative aspect of being a lazy fuck. You can't blame obesity on any food source. That makes you a god damn retard. All of the other problems listed in this section also come with a poor diet/physical lifestyle... Yes, if you eat like shit with milk included (or not), and then sit on the couch you'll probably get sick.

    This is nothing more than an ignorant milk bashing article.

    Lets set aside the fact that there are two major categories of cow's milk. In the average American lifestyle, yes Milk is probably not your best friend. That doesn't mean milk is bad for everyone though. The average American is over-weight, out of shape, and has a horrible overall diet aside from the "terrible milk". If you're staying away from pop, chips, cookies, etc... for the most part, and you drink milk... I think you'll be alright soldier.

    When people write articles like these, they really should go into it a lot more. Maybe do more than two or three Google searches so they can cite some study they barely read about.
  7. god damit how am i supposed to eat my cereal now
  8. i don't care, fuck it all. I'm going to continue drinking a half gallon of milk a day and I'LL FUCKING ENJOY IT!!!

  9. Milk is very good for you. I will always drink Milk, shit is GOOD.
  10. I'll drink it if there's nothing else available. I prefer almond and soy milk though.
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    Hello OP! First stick to the milk.. If that's what you prefer try organic milk... Cows are fed so many things! And none the same... It's all in what the cow is fed... Is her grain/corn organically grown? Is it sprayed with organic fert or chemical? Is organic pesticides used or chemical? Hormones or no hormones? How are the living conditions of the cow? And have you ever been sick from milk that you know of?

    The answers are simply you either know or you don't? I try to read the labels... Also it worries me when there is research done on things like this... Especially when the words "Can Cause" or "could cause" are used in research statements because if you have watched The Union you should know a sentence with those words hold 0 value!

    Honestly did anyone call you and ask you for your opinion on milk!? And how many milk providers were tested per drinker?? The field is just too uncontrolled to say that the milk in general causes all of those... So how can the research be 100% accurate?

    Lol so this is probably taken from medical reports at hospitals and such... So how could they possibly have anything truly great to say!? I normally drink soy milk basically because it has more than double the vitamin D plus I get it with DHA and ARA added! (brain food!)

    my sons father was raised by a dairy farm and he's 6' 8"... When I was pregnant I started craving milk and would literally wake up in the middle of the night just to turn up the gallon jug!!! What I'm saying is I think my son needed it! Now at 1 year he almost freaks out if he doesn't get his milk!

    Do your own research on brands that are local and ask if you could visit their farm! Do your own studies because in this day and age most all research is biased... It is and always will be about money.. It's almost never about the "people" unless there's some divine dollar in there somewhere... Sometimes it's best to stay away from those types of topics
  12. I had some organic milk last week, first time in my life and I was shocked how much better and pure it tasted... mmmmm
  13. Well known for hundreds of years? 75% of the world is lactose intolerant. Dood you're drinking something that by nature is produced for baby cows. Would you drink a dog's milk? Horse's milk? Baboon milk? Drinking the milk of a cow is purely a cultural practice.

    If you're still fooled by the whole 'calcium' scam, read this..

    How Milk Causes Osteoporosis
  14. Interesting... I always thought milk was good for you. Lol... my gf's daughter downs milk all day. The bGH that some milk farms use though can cause there to be some pus, etc. in the milk. I actually have to do some research on this tomorrow. We buy organic milk at my home now. Also I've heard whole milk is better than 1% or other milk types, because they have to suck out the fat and add ingredients to stabilize the milk.
  15. milk is nasty if you think about it. It came from some cows utter, and it is for baby calves. :eek:
  16. Honey is bee vomit... and for baby bees/other bees to eat. Tell me that shit ain't delicious.

    Granted it's made from flowers.

    Ya know when you think about it bees and nature are pretty fucking wild. :laughing:
  17. no milk... but what about cheese and yogurt? try to take those away from me and you'll end up worse for wear.
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    Yogurt is 99% milk, you can obviously add sugars, but you take milk, add a spoonful of yogurt (for the bacteria), and you get a bunch more yogurt, nothing else is needed, you just have to cook it and then refrigerate. Sorry
  19. Every thing can cause you harm if you are making improper or excessive use of it. It is better that you consume that much amount of milk that is sufficient for the body. It has also many benefits that are necessary for the growth human body.
  20. Ive never heard of drank choclate milk, is drank choclate a new brand of cow, or perhaps it is a new species all together.

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