Is MFLB worth it?

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  1. I already see the countless MFLB topics, and I read through the majority of them all. I apologize if these topics get into a redundancy...

    I'm in the market for a vape, and I'm looking at the MFLB. I like the portability aspects of it the most, (one of the main reasons I'm looking for at the MFLB), however it seems there are many negative aspects. The battery life namely. I want a vaporizer to use in the functionality as a bowl, because I'm constantly on the move and a giant bong or vaporizer would not be efficient for my on the go lifestyle.

    Is there any other vaporizers? Portable and efficient?

    Thank you.
  2. ThermoVape TV1

    • VERY stealthy. More stealthy than MFLB.
    • Much less likely to lead to combustion than MFLB.
    • Easily produces sufficient vapor for a single user.
    • Very portable.
    • As efficient as MFLB (if not more).
    • Can be disassembled and boiled or soaked in ISO for travel, shipping, etc...
    • Doesn't resemble a "pipe" like the MFLB does.
    • Can be used at any angle. No need to keep it level like MFLB.

    • Expensive (about twice the cost of the MFLB).
    • Requires learning/practice (probably about the same as MFLB).
    • Not great for multiple users.
    • Short battery life (about one "session" per set of batteries).
    • Can get clogged. Needs regular cleaning (a little more intensive than MFLB).
  3. There are lots of portable vaporizers and any vaporizer worth anything is going to be efficient. The mflb isn't any more efficient, odorless, or vapor cloud producing than any other vaporizer. I'll put a plug in for the Arizer Solo. It is battery operated with a battery life of between 4 and 6 hours. It's about the size of a red bull can. Look it up, it's one of the best. I really don't know what you're looking for. You said portability was important. Is the portability the main thing or is the stealth factor the big concern. There are none smaller than the mflb, but there are plenty that are small and portable. Get the Solo and you don't need a pocket full of batteries, you'll never combust your stash, you won't have to teach anyone how to use it, it's easy to clean, and most would agree that the Solo is about as close to a desktop vape as a portable can get as far as performance is concerned. Fill the bowl, push the button, and start drawing on the stem. That's it. If you forget to turn it off, it will shut itself off for you and it remembers the temp you had it set at, The Solo returns to that setting the next time you turn it on. All glass path. What more do you want?
  4. My mflb was worth it, because of its stealth and portability.
  5. Yeah I also been noticing the arizer solo.

    But is it good for balcony use for 2 people?
  6. The MFLB is worth it if your priorities are stealth, smell, price and if you plan using it alone mainly.
  7. Balcony use for 2 people? Are you kidding? A bowl is going to hold enough to get you and someone else to about the same place a joint would and you could fill a couple of bowls with what you used to roll that "J". So to simply answer your question, I guess the answer would definately be yes.
  8. The mflb doesn't smell any more or any less than any decent portable or desktop vape.
  9. Arizer Solo has a heatup time of between 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 minutes.

    It also requires the use of glass tubes (i.e. "stems") for drawing vapor. These protrude from the top of the unit.

    Both of these factors reduce the "stealthiness" of the Arizer Solo significantly (IMO of course).

    ThermoVape TV1 requires about 10 seconds to heat up and does not require a "stem". It is slightly longer and fatter than a highlighter pen.

    Based on everything I've read, the Arizer Solo is an excellent vaporizer, as long as the heatup time and glass stems dont' concern you.
  10. ThermoVape TV1 is a concentrate vape, MFLB can vaporize plant material.
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    No, ThermoVape TV1 is for plant material. ThermoVape Revolution is for concentrates.

    The ThermoVape features a modular design, allowing you to unscrew the "plant material" module and attach the "concentrate" module (have to purchase separately).

    Another nice feature!

    Oh and conversely the MFLB cannot vaporize concentrates as it is sold. There are "workarounds" that work in some situations (cotton ball), and they are reportedly planning some kind of adaptor, but as it stands now the MFLB is really for plant matter only.
  12. YES... it is worth it.

    You see what is the biggest thread on this site? MFLB. The whole front page of the "Vaporizer" forum is littered with MFLB threads too.... There's a reason for that. MLFB FTW
  13. If you only wanna spend 100$ and need a stealthy vape it is. Depending on where you'll use it most and how much you're willing to spend there are much better vapes out there
  14. Littered was a very good way to put it.
  15. my headshop sells the mflb for 180$ is it still worth it?
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    Only buy the MFLB if you really plan on utilizing it's portability and stealth. Otherwise, a tabletop vape is way better if you plan on using at home.

    Edit: Totally didn't read about how you wanted a portable vape...silly me for responding to the thread title and not the post. But my point still stands, i'd recommend the MFLB.
  17. yah inside isnt an option and the stealth is what atracted me to this in the first place
  18. I wouldn't have paid more than 120 for mine.
  19. so what do you think i should do?

  20. im definatly going to take advantage of the pure stealth of this product but is 180$ worth it?

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