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Is Medical Always Dank

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dopecloudkid, May 19, 2010.

  1. I always assumed Medical marijuana from the dispenery was always dank and everytime I got it was dank, Im from Cali so that might have something to do with it but is it always dank do they sell schwag
  2. I would imagine it would always be great weed, but my state doesn't allow MM yet, so I can't really be sure. I just can't see them growing substandard stuff, letting it seed, etc. They're getting it from legal growers with optimal conditions and the potential to make a lot of money.
  3. Dope, no one likes you. gtfo.
  4. Some Dispensaries do sell "schwag"
    Which ones, idk :rolleyes:
  5. I doubt it.

    Medical stuff is grown properly and handeled properly, thats why its so dank. Plus why would you sell crappy medicine?
  6. go to a dispensary an ask
  7. Since I've never been in a dispensary, I don't know, but....

    Are you gonna go up to CVS pharmacy and say, "Hey can you give me your shittiest, least potent, cheapest painkiller you have?"

  8. Most sell mostly dank and some mids. I've seen some give free bags of shake, or sell them cheap, but no brick weed.
  9. Personally all bud I've gotten from the dispensary was perfectly grown, manicured, and cured. Depends on the place but I know of one that sells shake (popcorn) for 5$/g.
  10. hey dope practice what you preach you didnt have anything positive to say in that thread about the kid going to enlist. you were quite negative if you ask me
  11. The 6$ stuff here (vancouver) is good.
    The 10$ stuff (top shelf) is killer.
    Sometimes they sell 12$/g and its insane.
  12. ha ha ya I should , dam I just reacted with anger, I apologize but I really don't think people should be putting others down in such a peaceful site.
  13. They don't have shwag, but they do have different strengths...The bud is all for the most part grown/cured properly, but sometimes the genetics make it not so great
  14. Yea they can sell whatever quality bud they please. But there really isn't a market for shwag when you can have readily available high-grade herb. Ive seen clinics put out 1/8s of "Shake" for around 15$ but it still gets you good.
  15. Theres a dispensary that sells some schwaggy Acapulco GOld, an eigth for like 20 bux i think
  16. yep they do my gma has a medical card, and at 1st when she bring stuff back it was horrible.
    I thought her the difference between dank and schwagg, and now she gets bomb and gives me some every now again.
  17. Depends on how much, or how little you want to spend. My club sells grams for $8 to about $15. They also sell bags of shake as "Duff" really cheap.:smoke:
  18. Yes in the sense that you'll always have at least one dank option of bud if you're at a dispensary.

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