Is marijuana legalization a good thing?

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  1. So I live in Illinois and their was recently a vote for legalization and I still haven't seen the results but I'm starting to have mixed feelings about getting it legalized for full recreational use. I remember reading someone say that it would be a bad thing because right now we control and if it's legal the government will start to grow it in factories and shit like that. So what are your thoughts on legalizing in general?
  2. Its bad. I cant be hip and rebellious if its sold at Walgreens. Ill just be a square then. Look what happened to earrings.

    Lack of felonies is good.
  3. I can't be a cool kid doing illegal activities if it's legal.
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    I only do pot because its illegal.

    are you fucking with me? Is it good?


    Marijuana legalization is one of the best things that could happen to this country, imo. First off, fuck dealing with drug dealers man. Some of them are shady as fuck. I'd rather buy my shit where i buy my bongs man. Second, lets tax the shit out of it! Seriously, I'd still pay for it, im buying weed in a store and can smoke it openly without fear of repercussions. I'll pay that extra couple of dollars for that luxury. Plus, that would at least help with our debt. If it can be openly grown as well, then people can spend the proper time and effort to care for the plants, like we're seeing from some of this dispensary bud. It's simply better bud in most cases. I'm not saying homegrown isnt some bomb shit of course, but dispensary bud is some of the best ive smoked, ime.

    I see almost nothing but positives for us man. It's the future.


    edit: and not to mention medical benefits! But some lucky states already have those.
  5. I think it can only bring good things.
    Yes, it might be grown in factories or whatever from government and such, but there will always be great weed available, and there will be many states where you can just grow it yourself like Colorado.

    Also, not getting arrested for something so harmless compared to prescription medication and alcohol, etc. will be a huge plus lol.
  6. The bill up in IL was for medical, not full legalization.

    In my opinion, any steps toward medical, legalization, even just decriminalization is a good thing.

    As soon as Michigan when medicinal the quality of bud here in IL went up. I'd love to see the type of bud we'd have here in IL if we went medicinal.
  7. Yeah, it's terrible.

    How could I enjoy living life when I smoke pot and NOT worry about being sent to jail/prison?
  8. better than criminalizing it eh
  9. I think legalization only makes sense if we also have proper education. Up until this point in time, the authority's voice on marijuana has been mostly lies in an attempt to deter young people from using. But this really makes no sense, and I speak from personal experience in saying that, after hearing weed was illegal and bad my whole life, I just wanted to try it that much more badly - and once I did, I lost all faith in authority because they had been blatantly lying to me my whole life.

    Parents and authority figures need to come out and speak some sense. Say "Hey! Marijuana is really fun, and its probably not going to harm you - BUT listen, be responsible, moderation in all things, and wait until you are at the point in your life when marijuana will not slow you down and dull your incredible potential. There is absolutely nothing wrong with responsible use of a mind altering substance but the key word is 'responsible'."

    Instead I was lied to from day one, and in turn, I lost all faith in the law, and ended up smoking way more than I should have.
  10. Dude if it was legal and if the government jacked it up I would just grow. But they know we want quality!
  11. The war on drugs is a money pit; this is the first step in the right direction.
  12. Hell no that shit ruins lives man
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    Of course it is a good thing. The only people that are opposed to legalization are those who's income depends on it being illegal (i.e. dealers, the D.E.A) people who still believe the bullshit taught in drug education classes and the religious.

    As for the government taxing and possibly controlling the sale of it, I really do not see the problem. For example, state liquor stores carry cheap booze, but also carry the high-end products like Hennessy and Grey Goose. Same would apply to state-run cannabis stores, the quality would vary depending on how much you're willing to pay.

    We'll see a good experiment with the introduction of state-run weed stores in Washington next year, that is if the federal government doesn't start the whole saber-rattling debacle like they did with medical cannabis.
  14. Yeah, I think that everyone agrees that some form of legalization/decriminalization is a good things; esp in some of our really a$$-backward states.
  15. Decriminalizing is bad if you look at it from a real economic point. It leaves a HUGE gap in the whole scene. Can't buy/sell/produce but you can own? Might as well give cartels fucking tanks with that.

    In my opinion, as long as they don't start adding chemicals to the weed I'm buying, I would love legalization. If you don't realise that its a very positive thing, you need to reevaluate your weed smoking career.
  16. I think it should be totally legal. Would make the cost go down for a better grade of weed because you wouldn't have to his the fact you're growing and alike. Yea income may go down but compared to the huge number of people who want to smoke but dont due to it being illegal would assist in off setting losses. Or he'll just grow your own lol
  17. Weed needs to stay illegal

    The fabric of our very Universe would become unstable and drug dealers will become out of work and become serial killers.
    If its legal, everyone will smoke and everyone will be high. There will be record breaking lack of motivation and nothing productive will get done. There will be mass munchies, and majority of the population will starve to death. Also fuck paying taxes, I'd rather get chinced by tha nugguh down the street than have to pay an extra lil bit to the man
  18. Yeah it's a good thing. It's safer you don't have to go through a drug dealer or some shit like that. The most annoying part of smoking weed is dealing with shady mother fuckers.
  19. Well depends on if you want to go to jail and enjoy paying way too much to buy bud from your dealer.

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