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Is Marijuana Legal in Canada?

Discussion in 'International Marijuana News' started by DMX, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. show me a legit link to one city in canada where its decriminalized...

    ill be waiting for that non existant link:p

  2. Guess you derped over the part where he said "pretty much" heh? So obvslly there is not a link, but if you read correctly next time it will save me from typing all this. Sincerely, Goochpooch
  3. Its not legal and its not decriminalized. Socially, pot is tolerated but if you ever come into contact with the law and are high or in possession, it depends on the cops. Cops in Ontario are highly variable. So its still a risk when picking up and smoking outside. Safest is to smoke in your home and grow your own. Any time its in your car its a risk.:devious:
  4. They're pretty relaxed here, except for those few cops who give the rest bad names.

    Hell, a buddy and I were about to smoke up on a bike path at night when a helicopter shined its light on us, a cop walked up to us out of nowhere (he seriously just walked out of the bushes), and we looked behind us to see a cop car had just driven up. We basically walked out of the house, travelled 50 feet or less, and got swarmed.

    Turned out they were looking for two young males who supposedly just raped a girl in the area. Both our names came up clean and our story checked out so we then just chilled with the cop for a few minutes talking about music. I wasn't even asked to take my hands out of my pockets.

    That's what happens when you're respectful to police ^
  5. Yeah my experience is if you respect them they will usually treat you with respect. Of course there's always assholes but in all my dealings with cops only one was a douche, most were professional and actually good guys to boot.

    I get tired of guys saying "FUCK DA POPO!" when most really aren't bad guys. I feel like lots of people blame cops for bullshit laws when they have exactly as much control over them as you do.

  6. Most authority members are ESTJ's, if you're familiar with their type then you would understand how they react. The passive response seems to be normal which is why I avoid them, but the whole "dickhead" seems to be not control of their actions. If they were more empathetic, understanding cops then the force wouldn't get a bad rep.
  7. ESTJ's?

  8. Myers Briggs man, they're everywhere.
  9. :smoking: Medical Marijuana use is legal in Canada, but [​IMG]recreational smoking(smoking for the fuck of it) is illegal. [​IMG] Sorry dude.

  10. Wait until Harper gets out of office, there's still hope.
  11. ^ two parties one formerly the opposition and one currently the opposition are for legalization.

    and if Justin Trudeau gets leadership of the liberal party there is always hope those guys wont be complete dicks.

    so honestly i feel like so long as the conservatives get out of office itll be legal pretty damn soon. and hopefully whoever is elected next time gets a majority over the conservatives so they can reverse a bunch of the shit Harper has done (and im talking way more than drugs here).

  12. I hope the people themselves realize they need a better politician that is willing to compromise and look for further solutions that would benefit them in the long run.
  13. yes its still going on matt hasn't got a response from the trials yet but he says things are looking good, according to him he doesn't think it would be taking so long if there weren't getting prepared for big change, if you don't know who im talking about google matt mernagh
  14. i just hope people actually vote next election.

    i forget how low exactly the voter turnout rate was in 2011, but i know it was the lowest in Canadian history.

  15. Tbh, I don't trust Justin, something about him seems off. Seems like another Obama. I'd rather go with NDP, their leader at least seems genuine.
  16. This case is taking forever to be ruled on. But hopefully Matt is right and they are getting ready for a massive change.

  17. You do realize that once you receive a felony your "freedom as a human" is taken permanently right? (with some exceptions). Bye bye voting/gun ownership
  18. When is goofball Harper going to be out of office?

  19. 2015? Canadian comrades enlighten us on this.
  20. Unfortuneately there's no limit on how long he can stay, he stays until his government gets voted out. :mad:

    I think the Americans have got their shit right with 2 terms.

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