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Is Marijuana Legal in Canada?

Discussion in 'International Marijuana News' started by DMX, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. I know I should know my shit but, is it legal in canada? Ive googled it and nothing. Ive asked people on xbox live, they say no like im crazy for asking. So Grasscity, I ask you to please help me out on my noob ass question. Is Marijuana legal in Canada?
  2. Nope, but I guess you could say it's a bit more tolerated than in some other places. As well, it depends where you are in Canada.
  3. Indeed, still gotta mind the policemans in canada. Even though they just take it n smoke it later when they catch ya.
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    Marijuana is still 'prohibited' in Canada, but if your busted for running a multi-million dollar grow operaton out of 11 rented houses converted into full time factories you only get a suspended sentence (probation). If there's firearms in the houses maybe you'll get some jail time, but almost never for a first time offence.

    Some guy in Victoria, BC was openly selling mail order weed to the US and got 2yrs in jail, but with double-credit for time served while waiting for trial he was released on probation after spending 2 weeks in remand.

    As for possession, if cops see you openly toking they will take it away and lecture you or maybe give you a fine.
  5. If Canada didn't bend over backwards to the US, marijuana would probably be legal there already.

  6. Can someone verify this? I have always read and thought they weren't THAT lean'ent?
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    Man harvests seven-year sentence for massive Pembroke grow op

    this guy had 40 thousand plants, was sentenced to 6yrs after double-time credit before trial, and will probably be eligible for parole in only 1-2yrs. the courts encourage you to plead guilty because a long drawn out trial is expensive (appeals galore) so if you plead guilty you're probably not going to jail.

    right beside that article is a story about how some guy in Oregon is getting a life sentence for 100 plants.
  8. Marijuana is 100% illegal in Canada. Drug laws in Canada are controlled by the federal government and are the same for the entire country. Although Canada has a reputation for lenience on pot there is nowhere in Canada where you can legally possess marijuana (except medical). Medical marijuana is legal but it is hard to get certified. Decriminalization has been proposed in the past but was shot down by pressure from the US.

    The maximum sentence in Canada is 5 years for possession for over 1 oz; 6 months for less than 1 oz. The absolute max for cultivation is 7 years. The current government has proposed legislation that will double that to 14 years (same maximum sentence as violent rape) and add a mandatory sentence of 6 months for as little as one plant.

    While prison sentences vary significantly from person to person you will definitely get a criminal record for any and all marijuana offences. IMO that is as bad as prison time.
  9. as bad as prison time? lol
    Your freedoms as a human.... taken, as bad as a record?

    you do realize in prison you get the record anyway...
  10. fuckin harper. gotta get that tool replaced.

  11. Well, that's true, but you're life will be very different... jobs will be much harder to get (especially high paying jobs and promotion) and that record will haunt you for the rest of your life.

    I don't know about Canada, but in the US, if you get busted just once for anything drug related...all federal aid gets taken away as a student, but I'm not sure about welfare.

    Trust me, having a record will ruin your life in a lot of ways. Hell think about it, even if you're very qualified, any employer (especially today) will pick a guy without a record or a better qualified guy with a record.
  12. If canaada tried to decriminalize again, would the US have the same pressure? I know the new Czar is a douche bag, but he is nowhere near as bad as the guy from the Bush administration who went up there and basically told the government that if they decriminalize pot than the US will shut down the border system. But i feel if they tried again, the Obama administration wouldnt put as much pressure on them
  13. I get the feeling that we would have less interference by the US if Canada tries decriminalize again. It is hard to say though, the current US administration is very two-faced.

    There is zero chance of any leniency on marijuana under Harper and the Conservatives. They are obsessed with law and order and they are doing everything they can to get tough on marijuana. Harper is the George W Bush of Canada, we need to get him the fuck out. Just like Bush he is a born-again christian and he is trying to remake Canada according to his faith.
  14. Harper is a pain!! When do we get a chance to kick his ass out?

    Even if the guy says he's a born again christian, there are many quotes from the bible saying that seed barring plants are given to us from God to use as meat, since it's to expensive to eat because it's illegal, we need to smoke it, marijuana is a seed barring plant!

    So if you are christian you should be for legalization of God's plant that he wants us to have, they should smoke marijuana in church but they replaced it with wine, fucking alcohol, the shit that kills people, and marijuana kills nobody ever!!

    I think the liberals are our best shot and are running against Harper, and Ross Rebagliati is running for MP in his BC town and he is for legalizing marijuana, he's the guy that won the gold medal and got caught smoking weed. I've sent him an email, at [email protected], he replies too! Unlike that NDP dick Jack Layton!!

    We need to all stand together and get marijuana legalized.

    If the liberals won't maybe we need to vote independent!

    What do you think?
  15. its not legal. but its next to legal.

    i got "busted" for almost smoking weed. i was rolling a joint, they saw me, i saw then, i folded the paper with the joint and the weed on it, put it in my pocket, and they just took down my name and shit, they didnt even search me, and i still had my weed.

    word for word what they said was "look were not telling you ' dont smoke weed ' all were saying is 'dont smoke it here' "

    also, this really fit chick was telling me about how a cop drove her around after picking her up drunk off her ass at a party and let her smoke cigs (shes under age for both drinking and smoking) in the back seat of the cop car. and then he just dropped her off at home with out telling her parents or any thing.
  16. ^^ Haha cool storys bro.
  17. It pisses me off how anal we are in the US about weed and alcohol. Fucking temperance movement.
  18. Yep. American drug and alcohol policy is almost certainly the most backward of the western world. Prison industrial complex and big money lobbying doesn't help the cause.

    Just to contribute to the thread though; no it isn't legal. But I've been to BC and it might as well be. People smoke it openly because the punishments are so minor. Pretty similar case here really, though if you get caught you're getting your shit taken off you. No fine or criminal charge though.

  19. Yeah same here dude, the laws are still there, but the cops seem to be less dick about it, I've talked and joked my way out of a few situations, they will more than likely just confiscate your weed and smash any peices you have, but its just way too common around here for them to be cuffing everyone they catch. Maybe this is more a small town syndrome but overall I'd have to say my expiriences with cops(as much as everyone hates them) has been good, and most of them are really down to earth ppl who are doing a job to put food on their tables and not to be dicks and ruin fun.

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