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is marijuana a gateway drug?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by atomickitten, May 10, 2010.

  1. i'm not sure i'm posting this in the right section or whatever, but yeah..
    so I've only been smoking for about two months now, and i really like weed and i want to continue smoking it. but I'm a little worried about starting to use other drugs. a few months ago, I would have never even tried weed, and now I'm considering things like ex, k, and speed. so I'm just wondering..has pot led any of you to trying other drugs? if so, which drugs, etc.
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    No, I say caffeine, coffee, cigs, alcohol, medicates are all gate way drugs.

    If you have control over your habits and your not looking to get "fucked up" or "party" Then you dont have to use other drugs. Its a matter of what you want to experience. People try harder drugs for many reasons. I chose I wanted to party when I turned 18.

    But If you can control your self, your good to go.
  3. yup its led me to other things, doritios, taco bell, ice cream, and some really hard shit like resses cups.

    but in all seriousness no not really, i believe it was on the union they said only 1 in every 104 marijuana users use other harder drugs, so in some cases yes it might if you dont have self control but in most cases not really.

    i love weed but i will never try meth or heroin, however i have considered lsd but idk, but thats not a result of weed ive always wanted to try it ever since i started listening to pink floyd.
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  4. Yes but only because once you're on the black market and associating with drug dealers and friends who use, you most likely will find yourself trying a different drug. They said it a lot better way in The Union, but I think you get the idea.
  5. I think marijuana opens up a gate for people that have no self control.
  6. Stupidity and Ignorance are gateway drugs. I have been well educated about the so called "drug culture" since i was 10 or 11 years old because I ...well couldn't really avoid it, and chose to make myself aware of what was going on rather than wallow in inexplicability.

    I did a lot of prescription medications, vicodin, hydrocodone oxycodone and oddly enoug adderall were my favorites when I was younger, like a freshman in highschool. But that shit fucked me up for worse.

    I eventually started smoking weed, on a regular basis and it helped me gravitate away from all the pills that had by that point taken a pretty heavy toll (not to mention a hold on me) and eventually I was able to drop all the other drugs completely.

    So yeah, marijuana to me was more of a savior than a gateway drug.
  7. Aha I love how there is pro marijuana propaganda and whenever some people are posed with an anti-weed question the pro marijuana propaganda just flows out of their mouth. Ive heard what the first 3 posters above me have said so many times over, almost the exact same phrase if not the same phrase lol.

    But no marijuana is not a gate way drug, think about if you had tried E first then wanted to try weed, would E be a gateway drug? Marijuana is just normally the first drug most people try as it is often seen as a "soft" drug.

    You may end up trying other drugs, but only because you have less fear and actually understand that government propaganda makes drugs seem much worse then they really are.
  8. Nope.

    Your mind is a gateway drug.
  9. Nah.

    I choose to do other drugs, weed didnt make me do it.
  10. No, marijuana is not a gateway drug.
    You can't blame marijuana for the mind's curiosity.
  11. Many people who use cannabis for pain do so in order to be able to quit taking opiates. So marijuana can be a gateway away from oxycodone, hydrocodone, morphine....
  12. It's a gateway drug for some. Any drug can be a gateway drug, it depends on either what drug you do first, or what drug makes you realize how amazing drugs are. Weed just happens to be one of the first drugs people try because A): it's cheap and B): it's fairly easy to acquire.
    You could do heroin first and be like "this is the shit i'ma go speedball now", then H is the gateway drug, right?:p
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    No, cannabis has deterred me from other drugs, I don't even take Tylenol.
    It has shown to help alcoholics and crackheads quit those drugs. It also helps people get away from addictive prescription pills.

    My gateway to weed was tobacco, alcohol, and caffeine, the hard drugs you should be worrying about. Check out annual causes of death in America. Tobacco is Americas number one killer and is perfectly legal.
    Stay away from hard drugs, stay green.

    Edit: I highly reccomend that you go to Google video and watch
    The Union
    Watch the entire thing.
  14. I just watched it, 1 in 104 MJ users also use cocaine, less than 1 in 104 MJ users use heroin.
  15. no. there however is a gateway effect caused by the prohabition of cannabis itself.
  16. This theory is not proven.

    It's likely you would've wanted to do other drugs before you started smoking.
  17. stick to the herb maaaaaannnn :smoking:

  18. okay, i'll check it out. btw good way of looking at it.
  19. Weed is only a gateway drug if you give in to peer pressure easily.

    You should do your own research and learn about what you're putting into your body, and more importantly about the things you're considering putting in your body. Why you would consider going from weed to speed, I'll never know..
  20. Alcohol was my gateway drug because it altered my consciousness to a great degree. Then I tried weed, then it wasn't enough for me, so I tried pills (uppers and downers) and decided quaaludes were my drug of choice. Which should have told me of my anxiety problems. I got off all drugs except went back to alcohol after 7 years and played around with that once in a while. Then prescription meds to help me cope with my emotions, anxiety, and pain. Now I am going to go back on weed, and I wonder why I ever left mary jane. She has never made me crave another drug, just gave to me and gave to me of herself and I have to say she is sweet. So, soon I'll be on medical marijuana, and off of pain pills and other meds hopefully. Sweet.


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