Is making concentrates really worth it?

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  1. So I live in Raleigh North Carolina and well i've never just ran across anyone who happen to have any concentrates, or hash just flowers for me. I've pressed my own hash out of all my keif build up and it was cool but didnt taste to good.

    Ive been reading on how to make oils out of the flowers. How much weight do i need to use to make a decent amount of oil. Is it worth wasting all the flower in the process?

    Thanks for reading :hello:
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    take three dabs in a row your first time.
    run a quarter using not even half a can of butane
    that lasts me inbetween 2 and 3 and a half weeks dabbing every day
    all you can do is taste it and smell it
    you get what you put into it
    the kinder and stickier the bud, the better looking and tasting oil
    sticky bud yields larger amounts of oil
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    ive blasted bud twice before
    alls good in the hood for that
    or you can make edibles with it or vape it
    dont use a piece for flowers and oil
    isow ash your glass after the claim builds up nicely in it
    evap that in a dish and scrape it
    you can then injest it as super effective medibles
    eat it with a fatty substance
    butter peanutbutter, oliveoil, etc in a spoon
  4. oil still contains the tocopherols that thc has to offer your lungs
    its a moisturizer
    you should sweat if its a good dab, within the first 10 seconds of ripping
    no need to hold the hits in
    coughing a shit ton is normal
    but it tastes so good
    and hits you like a train of bricks
  5. word thanks zxzDarkCloudzxz im deff thinking of making some. i wish i could just go to the store and buy some like some of you lucky bitches :p
  6. dark cloudz knows his shit. I've only done butane oil once. Made from a quarter of some fire, my friend gave me a fat dab of oil through his oil rig bub he called "nessy" cause it was like a dinosaur like bub that loooked like lockness monster :smoke: . I took that one huge hit, coughed a shit load, my face started to get hot my body temp rose, I got instantly annhilated and couldnt take another hit. I was that high. Also take into account that I smoke everyday and still was back then, so i was no rookie just new to oil and it blew me away man.
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  7. dam your story really makes me want to try that shit out. Do you get more out of the oil then smoking just flower? Can i get high more times with the oil or is it just a more intense high?
  8. well i dont really know that much about oil, but i would guess because my bud used a quarter i would guess that makes at least 10 dabs if not more. So i dab would be almost a g in one rip but i dont really know what im talking about im just guessing. But as far as the high, its much more intense than smoking bud. That's because it's so concentrated with THC, not really sure if it would be conserving tho
  9. dam a gram worth of flower in one big rip lol sounds like that would be intense. I think i'd have to take a little t-break before i do this to get the most out of it.

    I think im going to try the pvc pipe with the butane.

  10. I dunno if you want to lower your tolerance before you send your self into outer space dude..... i would take rip, then decide if you want a t-break.... I've seen people with the highest of tolerance get laid on their ass by a rip or 2, its just so fucking insane getting that many cannabinoids in you all in one rip rather than 10 hits over time
  11. yeah is it that awesome? you guys are going to make me do this today lol

    Im not trying to brag at all i dont think its cool or anything but i just smoke to much about 1.5 threw out the day out of bong rips. been smoking for 7 years now everyday heavily for the last 3 years. I just dont get that high now. Just a nice calm buzz. I'd love to get ripped again like i was 12 lol
  12. You can always make QWISO, you'll yield a little bit more and if you do it right the potency will be about the same.

    I remember one time I got a quarter and made an eigth into oil and just let the other half. I ripped them both outta the bong pretty evenly and they lasted about the same time.
    Your not really losing anything, just changing it.

    But the guy up there is definitely right about sweating after a fat dab :bongin:
    and yeah, regarless of your tolerance a dab or two will get you as ripped as you've ever been

  13. Lol ive been smoking for 7 years as well, ive never taking a t-break, and skillet rips take me off my ass... i make my own oil, not with butane though, with isopropyl alcohol, the process is "easier" but its easier to make sure you are getting a good product with butane... I just dont like butane, or how explosive it is (because i have the worst of luck lol)
  14. thats awesome sounds like just what i need!

    Whats QWISO? im ganna go google it now
  15. I've never done a butane extraction but i made a few batches of really good Qwiso and it was totally worth it. I used about 4 grams of some really good bud and did two washes and both batches were of top quality. I've been meaning to try a butane extraction though any tip's?
  16. doesn't matter bro. if youve never done oil before, it's gonna almost feel like getting high for the first time. No joke thats what it felt like for me

  17. quick wash iso hash oil, in my sig there is a link to my guide, though its outdated now.

    if you do a search on here for hashmmouf in the forum search, his guide on making qwiso (and other hash) will be in the results, if i find it, ill link it hahaha
  18. your body it not used to being flooded with so much THC
  19. dam really like the first time lol.

    Okay then its settled im going to do it, but now its just how am i going to do this.

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