Is Maine the only place people know how to grow

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by bwoods25, Jun 16, 2004.

  1. I find it amazing how many people dont know how to grow in these rooms even the replies from other people tellin peoples how to grow ain't very smart . So is there any real growers outside of Maine because everyone around here knows how to grow. Come on people its a weed. Gez i can get a plant 14ft tall without even trying. If i affended anyone with writing this, it was prob because i was high writing it on some nice staving Maine green bud
  2. whad up,
    :smoking:ive soaked up so much info from overgrow and the last :smoking:so odd years. but im in nh an its to sketch here:bolt:, but im with ya mafaku.

    :bongin:KEEP IT JUGGLN:bongin:

  3. i good at planting
  4. what strain is it that youre growing with such ease?
  5. I'm pretty sure most every real GC member knows what they are posting about, and if they dont know the subject they dont post shit off the top of their head, they leave it for those who do.

    more from overgrow?
  6. Your off your rocker if you think Maine has the best........I am from Kentucky and it don't get much better......
  7. i can grow pretty damn good sativa here in iowa i grow them outdoors in the summer and they get huge nice buds ill post some pics when the get mature so u can see them
  8. Heres an idea stop being so negative to how this site's people opperate and go find a new place cuz ppl bragging and being rude is not accepted here crappy first post...
  9. haha, saying people in California dont know how to grow.........
    not to mention british columbia and the netherlands, i would say a lot more places know how to grow better than maine
  10. yea sure 14 ft tall but can you make 1 thats 4 feet tall AND 4 feet WIDE?

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