Is living in UK/Europe more costly than living in US?

Discussion in 'General' started by HeadySpaghetti, May 12, 2011.

  1. I am really starting to be against the US after so many different government type lies and shit. Im seriously considering moving to Europe.. Italy/UK/Netherlands when I am able to.

    Im only 19 right now but Im going to be going to college for Psychology.. maybe I can take classes abroad in a college over their that is a very good psychology school? I plan to be a therapist... probably not a psychiatrist. So I will eventually have the money to survive very comfortabley.

    My question is.... is living there more expensive? How exactly do you go to a college abroad for semesters? Does anyone know of Psychology colleges that take abroad students?
    Sorry I dont know much about all of this college stuff
  2. we get paid more, so it balances out.
  3. I heard gas in Europe is like 8$ a gallon lol, so that alone will probably bankrupt you. I think Europe has better public transport though, anything is better transport compared to where I live, a bus comes by like 10x a day so if I want to go somewhere I'm there for at least 5 hours lol
  4. What's wrong with canada eh? You need to get your masters in psych to really make any green backs.
  5. Yes the UK and Europe is expensive compared to the US, however wages in the UK are higher, Netherlands isn't cheap with high tax and yes a gallon of gas is now $9.77 :eek:

    Oh and free health care etc you pay that via tax
  6. If you're leaving because of government type lies, I wouldn't go to Italy.

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