Is liking Sublime playing into the stoner stereotype?

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  1. I'm a huge Sublime fan but I actually liked them before I began to smoke (same with Pink Floyd actually). But, all over the internet, I see a lot of people bash the band and their music. It's as if Sublime plays into this fratboy stoner stereotype. Believe it or not, I'm further from either of these types of people. I'm pretty quite, get straight A's (I go to college) and only smoke every so often.

    I understand the music isn't for everyone and I don't want other people to form my opinions but it just seems like Sublime gets an unfair rap. I was wondering what every one else hear thinks about their music.

    Do you like Sublime or not?
    Do you try to stay away from them because it tends to perpetuate the stoner stigma?
  2. Honestly I always found em kinda corny sounding but fuck it, like what you like.
  3. ok dude, thats fucked up, Badfish just came onto my ipod when i clicked this post. And ive always been called a filthy pothead for listning to sublime aswell, i just shake it off tho. no need worrying about their negativity.
  4. i've been listening to sublime since i was a really young...but probably because my parents were stoners...

  5. Haha, that' pretty funny. But, you're right about ignoring all the negativity. It just sucks to see something you like be not well-received by the majority of other people.

  6. yeah, but check what the majority of people listen to man...straight trash...

  7. Yeah. most of my friends are into metal or dubstep so they dont really wanna listen to sublime. but its cool cause its just like my own thing
  8. Hm, that's interesting. I've never thought of them as sounding corny. Usually, I just assume most people think the music is kind of shallow. I'll be the first to admit not every single one of their songs have some deep meaning. Some are just about the melody.

    I guess maybe you could say that when Brad raps on some songs it can come off as kinda corny. But, overall, I'd say their sound was pretty unique for the time.

  9. That's true. I'll take Sublime over Katy Perry any day. No offense to anybody here that might like her...

  10. I dunno, my father is obsessed with like Roots Reggae, Dub etc so maybe that is the reason.

    Like I said, like what you like, the vibe just isn't for me (carefree and happy? hah)

  11. Personally I love Sublime and always have since I was pretty young. But, there are some people out there that onlu say they like them to try to act cool or whatever. I appreciate their support for the band and all, but honestly they should try listening to songs other than What I Got and Santeria :rolleyes: But I still give them more respect than I do to Wiz groupies ;)

  12. I agree even though Santeria and What I Got are great songs too

    It's like a lot of people who wear Nirvana t-shirts. They'll wear something with the band on it because it's a trend or whatever and meanwhile they've only heard Smells Like Teen Spirit...

    Cobain would be rolling over in his grave if he knew that he'd become a fashion trend
  13. If the music sounds good, let it play.
  14. no it isn't.

    like what you like and fuck anyone who has an issue with that.
  15. There really isn't "stoner music" besides KMK and stuff you know? Music is music and ppl like whatever. All the music I like now I liked before smoking including KMK, pink Floyd, bob marley, Beatles, grateful dead. And all that music is associated with stoners.
  16. I liked them before I became a stoner too, but who cares? Like what you want to like :D
  17. People just consider Sublime to be stoner music because Bradley sings about weed a lot. I've always loved Sublime, even before I started blazing. Who cares what people think about you for listening to a certain band? Sublime is fucking great.
  18. who da fuck cares, sublime is great music
  19. i fucking love sublime, im listening to them at this very moment. :smoke:

    fuck anyone who talks shit about sublime they probably never even listened to them in the first place,

    i dunno though everyone has different tastes in music too

    and i don't know if i would really want everyone to love sublime cause that'd be kinda weird...

    but people should at least have respect for them. they actually wrote their own songs and had/ have real passion for music and didn't sound like shit live. something that is quite rare today -___-
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    Nah, I'm a stoner and I can't stand Sublime

    Mostly because "What I Got" was the most overplayed song by a longshot in my group of friends...they all claimed to be huge Sublime fans but only listened to that one song

    I do like Slightly Stoopid tho :confused_2:

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