Is Life Less Fulfilling Without Weed?

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  1. I've often wondered if I quit smoking weed and got a higher paying job to have more money, could more personal happiness be achieved?  My own response to these thoughts are that I'm afraid I would NOT enjoy life as much even if I had a significant amount of greater financial means.  
    The reason....I think I would greatly miss the way herb brings me inner peace, brings a feeling of sanctuary in spiritual ways, heightens awareness of certain experiences and above all else, brings magnificent relaxation which cannot be achieved by alternate methods.
    For these reasons and many more, I think money is worth less to me than weed as long as I have enough cash for "necessities" and maybe a few small "toys".
    Thoughts anyone?  Can you relate?  Does anyone think this is unhealthy thinking?

  2. In my opinion, that thought arose for a reason, so why not take a break from the herb and pursue a higher paying job?  It is not like you are glued to that job, if you do not like it, tell your employer it is not for you and give ample warning prior to walking away and resort back to whatever freedom with the herb you currently enjoy.  
  3. If you really want it you can make anything happen

    Why not get a better job and continue blazing if you feel you cant take a break from bud

    Find a way to beat the system

    Its all on you and what youre willing to do to get what you want

    Just my opinion
  4. When I think Green I think weed not money, that's all I have to say. Look at my name.
  5. Why would you have to quit smoking to get a better job? I'm by no means rich but I do well enough to take care of my wife and 1 year old son. We bought our own house a few months ago. I smoke nightly.
  6. There are great paying jobs out there where you can smoke and be highly successful. I am an example of that. They are out there!

    I feel like my life has been much happier since I started smoking. It's made me realize I like the happy, carefree laughing me way more than the stressed out drama filled person I was before. Love it! It wouldn't be worth my happiness to quit.

    You only live once. Be happy.
  7. You have to think long term.

    If you dream of having a family one day who can easily afford to be comfortable then go with the money.

    But if you want to be a childless, arm-chair philosopher, lone wolf until you die then go with the weed.

    Or you can mix the two and have a successful career and family while you smoke a couple times a week to treat yourself.
  8. I feel like marijuana (arguably as well as with other substances) imparts something with the user. It is then up to the user to draw those sentiments back out when sober. The potential exists and it's already shown you that it's there, so it's just a matter of reinventing it into your life. But I suppose it's as simple and difficult as that. And that is to say, you won't be able to summon the inebriation itself but more-so the products of that altered perception.

    Money is horse-shit. It's not everything but I definitely think in a Capitalistic and otherwise self indulgent American culture it makes it hard to not matter a lot. So you want dough. But a significant amount more than what you make now wouldn't bring more happiness to you, simply comforts. You can be as comfortable as you want, but if you aren't feeling fulfilled in life it's likely that won't change no matter your economic disposition (granted, nobody wants to be getting by clawing tooth and nail to make ends meat). It's up to you to find out why and to capitalize on the inconsistency. Just remember that success is a widely misappropriated term and as such you should really just look to grow and to be fulfilled. That can happen in so many environments. You don't have to move up unless you want to. But your choice (one way or the other) also does ultimately limit you as far as other life choices may be concerned: a potential family, getting a different place, the people you find yourself with, the things you may or may not find time for anymore, etc.

    But other blades put it nicely all in all. You may be able to dabble in a bit of both. Never hurts to see your options my friend!

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  9. Thanks for the great responses fellow Blades!  My current situation is I'm in my late 40's, married, live in an average to nice home, three cars (one nice one) several pets and no kids (wife and I decided we'd rather not have a family because we get enough love from our pets).
    Someone asked: "Why would you have to quit smoking to get a better job?"  Good question!  Right now I'm running my own home business which has a questionable future.  The income would be considered an average income and my wife makes an average income at a clinic she works at.
    If my business folds, I need to have an alternate plan for work.  In the past, I've worked in the electronics field in which if I were to reenter that career, I would be subjected to random unannounced drug testing.  My last job in this field did not do testing unless there was some sort of accident which I was lucky and never had one.  I worked at that job for over twenty years and have no interest in returning to it.
    If my home business fails and I need to go back out in the world to work again, I'm interested in working for the railroad which is something I've always wanted to do; however, the railroad does conduct drug testing all the time so I would need to give up the herb to be in that field.
    I know there are many other good  jobs out there which do not require testing and I guess I could look into it but so far, everything I've looked into pays less it seems if there is no drug testing.  This gets back to my original post.  I hate to take a big pay cut BUT I hate to give up the herb for more that is what has me rather perplexed at the moment; however, my wife and I would probably be fine financially if I took a lesser paying job.  It's just hard psychologically to accept a smaller paycheck even though I don't think it would be a problem.
    Sorry guys....I don't want this thread to be all about me.  I enjoy all of your responses and am interested in how you manage your life in this respect, what you are able to get away with in regard to smoking habits, your careers, income, etc.
  10. Tough one since I have never been in a similar situation, but, just a thought, put everything into your business.  It wont fail unless you let it.  Give it 100% and make it work.  Try to get a solid foundation and maybe consider expanding and down the line, sell it and retire. 
  11. I want to give this a proper reply at some point but am ultimately tired right now. So suffice it to say I hope the home business doesn't dissolve unless that becomes an otherwise desirable thing. That being said, perhaps look into jobs that just do a prelim drug test? Get clean for a small amount of time and then toke responsibly on your own time whenever you please.

    I can see how this all would be a bit of a stumper though. Sometimes we have to let go of wanting this or that and having that super sweet idea of what happiness looks like to you right now. Because it does have many shapes and sizes and is delivered in many a way, so it's hard to say you won't be happy if you have to eliminate one of these variables from your life. A bit of taking it all in strides I guess.

    As I said, I hope to give this a more deserving response soon. I do hope everything turns out well for ya, man!

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    hey thanks for the interesting thoughts and most of all thanks for the well wishes....definitely wouldn't mind hanging out with folks like yourself
  13. If you have no other coping mechanisms, and no other way to appreciate life, then life will likely be less fulfilling without weed.
    But there are plenty of ways to appreciate life without weed. For example, when's the last time you laid on your back and watched the clouds roll by? Or watched the wind blow through the plants and trees? Or thought about how complex and fragile life is? Or thought about the interconnectedness of the universe, and the idea that I am you and you are me (on a atomic level)? Or the fact that in a year you won't be thinking about the bullshit that clutters your life now? Or the loved ones in your life? Or what it would have been like to be born in another person's position? Or focused on the rejuvenating feeling the sun gives you? Or realized that there was more to life than smoking weed?
  14. couple times? pshhh.
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    You raise a lot of good points and yes,  I think about a lot of these subjects DEEPLY and DO appreciate them!  Please don't misunderstand me.
    I'm VERY aware there is much more to life than smoking weed.  I have many hobbies, interests, friends and loved ones.  I'm not a lazy person. I enjoy staying active mentally and physically.  I don't sit around smoking all the time.  I'm very aware how misuse of the drug can easily ruin peoples lives and those who care about them.
    I was merely stating how it enhances my life in a lot of different ways and I will miss that when it's gone. Does that make me the lesser of a good human being?  Not trying to be negative here.....but sincerely interested in what your thoughts are on you giving up the plant in your life. 
    If you quit your consumption of cannibis today and never touched it again, are you saying you wouldn't greatly miss it?
    Most importantly on this matter, I do appreciate what you have to say about it.
    Of course I would miss it, because like you said it enhances a person's life. No it doesn't make you a less good person. And I have given it up a few times for extended periods for my own reasons. I missed it for a few days, but after that, it wasn't a big deal to me. I found other ways to relax and alter my perception of the world around me.
    I guess I was trying to say, though it may seem like there is a deficit in your life at first, you will soon find a replacement for weed if that makes sense. Like enjoying the sunset every day, just sitting outside for 20 minutes and watching it go down. Not thinking about anything, being distracted, etc.
    Yeah...I suppose if I really put my mind to it, I could quit until I decide to retire in the not too distant future....haha
  18. Life will seem less fulfilling if you get addicted before you quit. Give it a week or two and you'll be fine.
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    Weed is often what keeps me sane at the end of every day, but It doesn't really fill the gaps in life. use to do it so much when I was younger that it turned my life up side down and backwards because I lost the ability to care about anything like my grades, job, other people, and just general life. All I thought about was how much of a pain in the ass sobriety was with such a boring life style. Now a days I've finally balanced my life out and learned to control my smoking habits-now I only think of it as a temporary vacation from reality. I don't think life is any less enjoyable without it.
  20. Weed sucks, life sucks. Cancer sucks, water sucks.

    I try not to define things too generally, let alone strictly enough to be upset every second about every last thing. Keep it simple, if you feel weed might be addictive, lay off it for a year.

    Who cares, in the sense that, why should you feel enslaved to a plant?

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