Is learning from history really valuable?

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  1. I know you have all heard the saying that goes something like "we must learn from the past so we dont repeat it"
    Can we actually learn from history?
    History has always been a favorite subject of mine. Besides the idea that "history is written by the victors", something else has been bothering me about history. Say someone experiences a historical event, when they even try to explain it, they are already deceiving or changing the experience by trying to explain it in words. And everyone is going to explain something different, some may be wrong, and some may even be lying.
    How can we ever find the truth?
    And if we can, is truth/learning done through studying history or through real life experience, or both?

  2. Are the bolded real questions you have? Or sorta hypothetical for the thread? Do you really question if you can learn from the past?

    Like come on dude, pretty much everything youve ever learned was info from the past. It may be incorrect, but you still learned.

    In the end whats "true" is really impossible to know so the question is somewhat irrelevant. You can learn the "widely accepted truth" and generally treat it as fact, buy really nothing is beyond a shadow of a doubt.
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    Not real questions
    But the widely accepted truth is not the truth
  4. I totally agree, but it is totally helpful to at least know the widely accepted truth so you have a "working knowledge".

    And really, what IS the truth? Do you personally believe its knowable?
  5. I think the prevalence of personal media devices will certainly provide for a more accurate account of history for future generations. However, will future generations even care for such intellectual material? Will humanity even be around for much longer?
  6. Remember the Library of Alexandria!
    Well, you can't because in our "history" everything ended up being destroyed.  I.E. Their written texts of books, documents, and human education now forever lost in it's place in time.
  7. Ever hear the saying "History repeats itself?"

    Heard that all the time in school, I have a crazy enlightenment story about that saying and mushies but that's a whole nother story/thread id be glad to tell to anyone who is interested.

    "Our lives revolve around a piece of paper that has no value itself"
  8. In the 6th grade I thought about eliminating all the jews, then I read about hitler and realized it was wrong
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    Absolutely history teaches us. One looks at the events of the past and sees the mistakes, flaws, and triumphs. History is more than previous events, history is lessons to be learned.

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