Is Las Vegas a marijuana tolerant place?

Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by SixtyNine, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. I'm making a trip to Vegas and I'm wondering if I can toke outside without the fear of being arrested.
  2. you'd probably get better info from someone who lives there...but I went there about 4 years ago and smoked a big joint right outside of mgm grand.(maybe 50ft from the entrance )..I was super paranoid. We were around the side of the building in a kind of alleyway....a MGM security guard even came over to see what we were doing...saw that we were just smoking a J (the 2 of us) and he just walked off....
  3. I would think so but swore I read a couple places that it's not, helpful info i know:)
  4. maybe because you're big and scary?:D
  5. nope the security guard was definitely bigger then me :D ... I think he just had better things to do. of the trippier things I saw in vegas was at the MGM they empty the ashtrays like every 5 minutes and then they put a little lionhead stamp into the sand that's in the was so weird how almost everytime I pout out a cigarette there's was a lionhead in there...almost made me feel bad putting my cig out in his face. I guess I'm amused by simple things sometimes when I'm high....inside of the luxor was awesome too.
  6. Definitely not recommended.

    Usually security won't care, sometimes they will just make you move, but if you get a prick he could try to give you a real hard time.

    However any cop who sees you is definitely not going to cut you too much slack. And there are A LOT of cops on the Strip, I mean you literally can't walk a couple hundred yards without running into one.

    I would highly recommend smoking in your hotel room instead. I have also gotten away with smoking inside my car in the parking garages, but it's a little riskier.
  7. I can always smoke in my car as well.
  8. i smoked a joint with a security guard at one of the major casinos at a dave matthews concert! think you are good.
  9. AND got the bud from the cab driver on the way there! the guy i was with still has his number. he was a nice guy.
  10. It is but not for tourists, unless you know someone around here be careful.

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