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is kissing more dangerous than weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lilhaze, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. simple question :smoke: but difficult answer :cool:
  2. im not trolling im actually very curious
  3. idk kissing involves swapping bodily fluid possible. while weed on the other hand is just great.
  4. No. Weed has been shown to cause respiratory problems, lung problems, paranoia, cognitive issues, short term memory loss (if you smoke every day you probably can't remember a lot of what happened more than a few days ago). In some cases, not for everyone.

    Kissing is, for the most part, entirely safe. Of course it's possible to contract some diseases if the other person has them, but it's rarely ever fatal and usually just a bit of illness which can be cured/waited out.
  5. using the same piece is almost like kissing i guess. weed is obviously more dangerous, but the amount of danger more is minuscule.
  6. One time I smoked a joint and felt really good for two hours.
    One time I kissed a girl and got mononucleosis and felt like shit for four months.

    Smoking weed>kissing
  7. Dude what the fuck happened to your rep? lol Not trolling, eh?....I bet! :smoke:

  8. Weed doesn't cause most of those things... depriving yourself of oxygen does. Weed will help you with respiratory problems if you smoke cigarettes, and can ease paranoia. I mean, weed CAN cause those things, but rarely and only in heavy smokers.

    Kissing on the other hand can get you lots of nasty diseases, like mono and oral herpes, which are far more annoying than they sound. I've got oral herpes and that shit is the worst.
  9. One time I smoked weed and threw up a lot.

    One time I ate a whole cake to myself and felt really happy.

    Eating cake > smoking weed

    Both our arguments are obviously fallacious.
  10. Yeah, inhaling smoke with carcinogens and toxins in it (not to mention butane if you use a lighter, I don't) definitely won't cause any respiratory problems.

    Plenty of people experience paranoia and/or panic attacks after they smoke. I see at least one of those stories every other day here, if not more.

    Studies from reputable sources have shown weed to cause cognitive slowing, slower reactions, lower scores on mental tests, etc. And it makes sense. I know I feel a little slower after smoking a lot, and I've had some short term memory problems, as have many of my friends who don't smoke as often as I do, not to mention all the people on here who forget things regularly.

    I'm all for legalization and I smoke every day, but I'm also realistic. Marijuana is not a cure-all miracle plant and people need to realize there are negative effects. It's just silly to deny it.

  11. lol my trolling days are over it was just a thought i had and i couldn't find an answer
  12. If you're actually admitting you've trolled (I haven't even read any of your prior threads), then I will give you some respect man.

    Sounds like you just want someone to talk to lol. It's all good man.

    But seriously dude, with this kind of thread, what do you expect the responses to be? Just don't post these kind of pointless, answerless threads bro.

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