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Is keif better than bud?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by cherry057, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. It gets you higher quicker. I like to smoke my bud with the kief on it :smoking:
  2. well... ya i guess so.
    keif is just bud with less plant matter. it's trichomes and a little bit of plant matter instead of a whole bud.
  3. I would assume so, as in order for it to pass through the screens inside a grinder (i assume this is what you were talking about?) it would have to be either trichrome crystals or very small chunks of plant matter, probably stick to thrichromes anyways.

    In otherwords, I believe it to be a superior form of smokable product.

    This is my .02. I could be, afterall, completely wrong.
  4. Jah Mang. It's just pure THC

  5. Not true. What about all other cannabinoids that are in the marijuana we smoke?
  6. It's not pure THC. It probably maxes at about 50%. Plenty of plant matter is getting through your grinder screen along with the triches ;).

  7. I'm sure he knows that. Who is honestly going to list THC, THCV, cannabidiol, cannabinol, etc, etc...
  8. Plant matter getting through the screen??
    Don't know what kind of screen you are using..
  9. #10 glasslover420, Aug 9, 2011
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    I just mean its probably 50% plant matter along with the other sweet goodies

    A very, very small one. Most nicer grinders than mine make much more kief because the screen is bigger to let more fall through. If you want more than 50% thc in anything, your gonna want to make some hash or something.
  10. considering i can be real high in one rip of kief compaired to like 3or 4 of bud id say fuck yea
  11. kief is concentrated thc
    more sparkles more thc
  12. It's not better, but not bad. I enjoy just blazin the flowers. Smoking ONLY kief will fuck your tolerance.
  13. Put it this way, I'd give you ever G of bud I have for a .5 of kief in return ahah.
  14. #15 phil3, Aug 9, 2011
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    Lol that's a hell of a rip off. I've put a quarter through my new grinder and have no where near .5 g of kief
  15. Technically because Kief has a higher THC%.

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