Is Jesus Gay in China?

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  1. I live in China, which means a lot of weird occurrences happen as part of daily life because of the cultural differences. Yesterday, I was hanging out with my friends (who happen to be mostly gay), and we saw a group of "christians" standing in the park and aggressively singing and interrupting people. While I have nothing against true christians, something bothered me about the experience.

    Anyway, one of my gay friends said, "Hey, look at their signs and shirts? It looks super gay."
    I looked and noticed what he meant...the shirts were white with shiny, gold paint ink, and the signs they were holding had hands flared out and said "SHINE" in big letters. It did objectively look pretty gay.
    At this point, I got an idea. I went up to the group and in Chinese said:

    "I think it's really great what you guys are doing here. I'm so proud of you. Gay people have had their rights trampled on for way too long, and it takes a group to stand up to that. I agree with your posters that gay people should be able to SHINE (I did a hand motion with outstretched hands), and be able to be who they really are without fear of society. After all, love is love, no matter who it's with. In fact, can I have a hug?"

    I hugged the main ring-leader and shook everyone else's hand. For a while, I stood with the group and shouted pro-gay messages along with their shouting. Finally, one member of the group had the courage to embarrassedly tell me that the group was Christian and not actually gay, at which point I pretended to be very surprised.
    "But...your t-shirts...and the can you not...Oh wow, I'm sorry, you just all look...okay."
    Afterwards the group had a small group meeting and stumbled off with dejected looks.
    I can only imagine the ensuing conversation.

    Not sure whether I should give myself a pat on the back or feel like an asshole. You decide.
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  2. Haha, give yourself a nice pat on the back.
  3. nah i'm straight, but me and my girlfriend are very pro-gay rights.
  4. But your girlfriend is a "guy" right?
  5. You are an asshole. But give yourself a pat on the back.
  6. Ahaha, nice on, OP. I hate these fake fucking Christians.

    As Ghandi said, "I like your Christ, but not your Christians. They are very un-Christ-like".

  7. Theres weed in China? I can't be that good. I refuse to comment on the gay aspect...because I find gay sex gross...and for some reason finding gay sex gross on the internet translates to either...I'm secertly gay for violently homophobic.

  8. LMAO. lololololz. no, she's a real girl.
  9. yes thats all fine and dandy, but WHATS THE POT LIKE.

    Seriously, we all need to hear about it (Pics if possible) :D
  10. Yeah... what's the weed like?
  11. I'm another in the "what's weed like in China" queue.

    What was this thread about anyway?
  12. I thought it was about some gay looking Christians singing really loudly and the OP playing a cruel joke on them.

    But weed is more interesting.
  13. alright blades, give me a few days and i'll have some pictures up. i copped some original thai haze from thailand a few weeks ago, and it's been really psychedelic. otherwise the weed here is shitty brick weed (don't even get me started on the hash, which is like 80% binder and chicken poo).

    fortunately, i found some mature, molted seeds in my thai haze, and i'm playing on bringing that back to the states and doing some hybrids with it.
    right now i got the white widow, super silver haze, and what i think is a blue-variety growing right now, so i'll be set in a few more weeks here.:hello:
  14. Good job.

    Harry Potter is Chinese in China. :D

    They call him Harry Pau-tong
  15. lol..

    that was funny op...
  16. wait you can speak chinese?? is it as different from english as people say it is? also props to you its all good fuck christians
  17. yea, i speak chinese. i actually just opened a hamburger stand here in one of those crowded ass night markets like you see in movies where old people run around cussing at each other and chopping heads off animals. beautiful while high.

    anyway, as promised, some pictures. UNFORTUNATELY, lost my real camera, so i have some low-quality iphone pics. sorry blades.

    first my stash spot. bag of batteries:

    false battery in with the real ones:

    thai haze:

    no trichomes on the outside and pretty shitty, woody smell (not oaky, woody). pretty low quality but psychedelic punch.


    phenotypes marked.

    chinese hash:

    surprisingly, this shit is actually really strong and knocks me on my ass with laughter. i think it's mixed with some kind of binder and probably dirt and finger grease, but while i'm waiting on my harvest, that's all i got.

    like i said, sorry about the low quality. wish i could have gotten in there closer, but you get the idea. pretty crappy shit.
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  18. That is cool... I mean the pictures and your burger stand...

    Where in China did you say you were?
  19. I wouldn't Answer that question.

    I know china is a big place, but revealing your location + your admission you run a burger stand would make it alot easier for LEO's to track you down and find you (and I'm assuminmg some type of harsh penalties)

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