Is Jesus black, white or both?

Discussion in 'Religion, Beliefs and Spirituality' started by dreambaby, Dec 12, 2016.

  1. Brown, he was an arab jew...
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  2. He is white and I can prove it ...........

    Their is a passage in the Bible that says you are what you are .
    If Jesus was black that passage or verse would say you is what you is.....
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  3. Why?
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  4. Neither.

    My penis is Jesus, your lord and savior.
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  5. Why what ?
  6. Why would the passage read "you is what you is"?
  7. he's saying that the black people would speak in ebonics,

    we is who we is
    we are who we are

    see the difference?
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  8. And he has ARISEN!
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  9. I'm aware. I wanted OP to explain his tired joke. Guess he's gone though.
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  10. [​IMG]
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  11. I
    This is how that goes .
    Little black boy and white boy are talking about God .
    Little black boy says God is black ,
    Little white boy says God is white and I can prove it ....
    Little black boy says how .
    Little white boy opens the bible and says see. and reads a verse saying you are what you are .
    Little black boy says how does that prove God is white .
    Little white boy says if God was black the verse would read you is what you is ...
    ITS A JOKE >>>>>

    DNA in all humans prove that either Adam or Eve was black ...........................
    Jesus was not black because they didn't let black people and or non Jews into the temple .
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  12. we are who we are, boss

  13. 0922467342d83c1b5ca31810faadd4b16608fd25461b1d96d40a7c1fcb2ccb22.jpg

    They who? How do you know that black people and Jewish people weren't allowed and into what temple?

    I've never heard these things before and would love to be educated. :)
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  14. I asked you to explain your joke as you were the original poster (OP) of the joke. Then I asked you to enlighten me on the topic of who "they" were that didn't let black people and Jewish people in "the temple" since you seemed so sure of yourself.

    No one really knows anyone on this site, so what does that have to do with you answering my questions? Also I'm not on the edge of any argument, so I'm a little confused there.

    And now you've called me a dumb ass when you're the one incapable of answering questions intelligently without getting huffy. Maybe you need to go to church. :poke:
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  15. I don't believe in Jesus.
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  16. See this any way you want .. ok........ I rather not get into some online pissing match .
    My personal beliefs are my personally beliefs , just like your beliefs are personal to you too.
    I have a bowl to smoke ( you wish to partake cool come by ).
    You want do the negative vib thing then we are done, I don't do that ...
    I hope you have better things to do then this with me ...
    I rather have a positive day , and personally I think you woke up with some kind of chip on your shoulder and I don't want your negative stuff .
    No offence but I am only here to have a good time ..

    Be positive or please don't reply to my posts and I will not reply to yours ...
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  17. You're now preaching positivity after calling me a dumb ass and telling a rather lame race joke? Lol okay.

    I'm not being negative, I just asked you a couple of questions and didn't laugh at your joke.

    But I'm done since you'd rather debate the person and not the topic. Have a positive rest of your day. :wave:
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  18. I always thought Jesus would be a mix of African and middle eastern.
    He would be not white whatsoever and probably never heard the English language.
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  19. Everybody needs to calm down, get on their knees, and ask forgiveness of @I'm Ron Burgundy? 's Penis for making this into a bigger issue than it needs to be.

    The Bible was translated for and by White people so who cares really.
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