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Is It Wrong To Smoke On Your Own?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ThatOneBro, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. So this is yet, another thread on smoking alone or with others. But this is different. Rather than what do you prefer, it's a matter of is it pointless smoking on your own or not. I don't have too many toker friends (none that i know well enough to smoke with, anyways) but the few that do look down on me and think i'm a loser for smoking by myself, so i was curious to see what you guys think. They say that it is 'pointless' and a 'waste of time and weed'.

    Personally, I like smoking by myself because i don't have to worry about anybody else or them using my weed or me using their weed or whatever. I smoke to relax, and you can honestly, truly relax when you're alone. What about you guys? What do you think?
  2. Meh, there's nothing wrong about it so long as you enjoy it. That's the same reason you smoke with other people isn't it? I don't see much difference so long as you aren't using your friends to smoke when you have none.
  3. I don't see how its a waste of weed? Explain to him that having people around you isn't the only fun thing to do. Eating, music, video games, anything is great on weed so you can do all of that alone (and all that stuff is better alone in my opinion).

  4. That's like only thinking when in a group its stupid. If you ask that what's the point of doing things alone at all? Never mind... Anyway! Your friends are dumb. Smoking alone is amazing and can help with many problems physically and mentally if you keep yourself occupied. Smoking in groups is also great because you expand relationships with others whilst also gaining wisdom. :smoking:

    my two cents but i'm just high and forgot what im on about.
  5. definitely not a waste of time and weed, one could argue its unhealthy behavior to use a substance not in a social situation but thats a matter of opinion.
  6. That's exactly what i thought! I mean why should we be going against ourselves when we should be just all getting along? Why do people always have to turn common ground into a superiority?
  7. Nooo i think its better honestly

    And i know ppl who drink on their own, self reflect etc and im fine with that
  8. I think drinking on your own is different, because it's a depressant. Though there's a difference between drinking and drinking.

    Smoking is fine in my mind. Prefer it by myself the majority of the time. Though it depends who you are smoking with.
  9. ^ ^ I sure hope not. I haven't gotten high with anybody in prolly 25 years.
  10. i sorta know what you mean, since a lot of friends have quit toking, i have ended up smoking by myself a lot more frequently. I do feel kind of bad about staying home and smoking, but as long as you go out as well sometimes instead of sitting at home everyday smoking by yourself its alright
  11. i think the people that tell you this just want some of your bud without pay haha

  12. So do i, but i feel it's alright as long as i DO go out and do shit, which I do.
  13. I prefer smoking alone! Thats when you get to have a chilled out time, to do whatever you like!
    (Meditade, music, games usually.)

    I mostly smoke with my girl tho! We usually go out on long walks. And who can argue with that haha!

    Smoking with friends is a bonus to me. It only happens a few times a month. And its always great! (guess im lucky to have a few real good friends who share my exact view of the herb)

    So afterall i think a good mix of smokin alone or with friends is the best. I have noticed that i can get a bit egocentric if i do it alone too much.
  14. You are smoking it for your pleasure/health. Not for their entertainment. Toke on. :smoke:
  15. At least once a day alone. Who cares what your friends think! :smoking:
  16. smoking alone wastes weed my ass.... less people hit it..

    unless you only smoke to be cool then dude yeah smoking by yourself is totally dumb and pointless...

    you know... besides the point to get high
  17. im smokin bong all alone right now have been for a year
  18. When I first started smoking I always smoked with my friends, obviously because you don't really have connections or anything. So I got so use to that, by the time I had my own weed I felt wrong for smoking by myself. I felt like I would be a loser or burnout if I did, but I smoke by myself nearly everyday now for almost two years. Don't get me wrong whenever I hang out with my friends on weekends and any other time we always smoke together.

    But smoking alone actually is way better in my opinion. You actually get the best use out of your weed, and I find you're actually able to do things by yourself that can't with your friends. For instance, I've had some really, really deep and sophisticated thoughts and realizations by myself. Not to mention just relaxing at home by yourself after a day of work/school, and just watching a movie and laughing your ass off. It's either that or sit at home and be bored if there's nothing to do. But I should just say from experience that if you find yourself bored without weed, you should cut back cause that's a sign of dependence.
  19. If I didn't smoke alone I would have probably killed my self by now. THC is one of the only ways I'm able to stop anxiety and panic attacks from continuing.
  20. I smoke on my own 98% of the time. I usually smoke to relieve stress, make food better, make "things" feel better, make music better, you know.. all those effects that come with smoking. I find the only real difference between smoking by yourself and with a friend is that while you're with a friend you don't really get the urge to jerk it, at least I don't, and there also seems to be a lot more laughter. I can laugh really hard while high alone but it would probably be from something on reddit or something like that. I get that permanent laughing forever thing happening pretty much exclusively when I'm with somebody else because they'll say or do something funny.

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