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Is it wrong to only hit green?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Baked Bread Baker, Jul 17, 2019.

  1. I normally dab for my main high but, work for a farm and have a shit ton of indoor organic flower, probably 20-30 strains of samples collected so far.

    So when I do take the time to grind up some beautiful cannabis and pack a bowl I only take one big rip and ash out what ever is left. Is this faux pas or just one of the great benefits of legal cannabis?

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  2. Each to their own man.
    I mean, I'd consider it a little wasteful - but that's only effecting you, so it is what it is.
    I might advise you could probably be better off working out roughly what you're actually burning through on the first run and adjust the size and tightness your pack accordingly - you'd probably get a smoother/faster hit, and clear it too.
    But yeah...I think calling it "wasteful" is about all a person could really say I suppose...if you've got enough to do that, cool. Personally, I think you should just go smaller as mentioned above.
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  3. Agree,

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  4. It's a bit pot snobbish but whatever
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  5. I agree with Cheebs-- try simply packing a bit less each time and actually clearing the bowl!
    but personally, I don't judge for cashing things out early.
    if you're smoking with others, maybe offer up the leftovers before trashing them just out of courtesy.

    keep on tastin' flavors!
    I could go for some indoor organic samples right about now :D
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  6. If you have a large amount of flower then fuck it. Do you man.
  7. I did this alot wen I had mass amounts of weed but like stated before, I felt it was wasteful. So now I just pack smaller bowls so there is not as much going to waste
  8. I went over a year smoking only dabs, switched from cigs to ecig 3 years ago. Smoking flower tastes like burnt plant matter, no way around it. When you get a cherry past the bowl and into the water it gets even nastier. I do need a flower rig upgrade, would probably help.

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  9. Lucky for me my lady one smokes greens so I always get the rest of the bowl which usually still has greens after she takes her 3 baby hits. Lol
  10. I personally smoke a bowl untill there nothing left but there nothing wrong with trashing what you don't smoke.. after all it's ur weed you can do whatever you like with it :confused_2:

    It's the same as when people bitch about smoking blunts/spliffs some people like the nicotine some don't :laughing:
  11. You could always just pack what you can smoke in 1 hit.

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