is it wrong to know the next girl i'm gonna fuck?

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  1. so i'm currently seeing this chick i met over the summer who's very cool. we have fun together, have similar interests and enjoy each others company just hangin.

    i like her but i'm fairly certain we won't be together when school starts and from what i'm picking up from her and from what i'm feeling. we dig each other but the relationship started relatively late in the summer and i don't feel it's grown to the point where i can say i'm willing to make the sacrifice/put the effort into keeping a long distance relationship.

    plus, i just lost my v, i wanna try new pussies and it seems like the best time. (durrrrr)

    anyway, to the point of this thread. i have a friend who i've known for around 3 years now. we've been chilling more often recently and we've flirted before but not as hard as we have recently.

    she's been hinting and wanting me to sleep in her bed with her and be on unmentionables (that is known to synergize with sex) together alone, in her apartment.

    i want to fuck her brains out every time i see her but i'm seeing this other girl whom i also enjoy fucking her brains out. me and chick number 2 in a different, but not "better" way than chick 1, which i enjoy.

    since we're gonna be splitting by the end of the summer and i know i'm going to school less than 20 minutes away from chick 2 in philadelphia i already know i'm gonna capitalize on that shit.

    we're gonna have some crazy sex cuz this has been a long time coming. and this will have been the longest i've waited to fuck someone i know i could which makes it that much better. is it wrong that i have these feelings and am already thinking about fucking this chick? like i said, i definitely do like them both but they stimulate my mind in different ways. i feel like it's not wrong but i'm feeling conflicted and would like a second opinion.
  2. Seems to me like you're enjoying the sex part and knowing that you can get it and I don't think any guy or girl in here can blame you for that. Sex is sex it feels nice it's fun.

    However, it also seems like you have some guilt for knowing such information on who you're going to be sticking your penis into next. Although that information is rarely ever obtained being in your position you have every right to feel the way you do as long as what you is not causing any emotional or bodily harm to your s/o right now. The girl you're seeing right now, if she ever finds out she'll think of you as a pig or whatever and that's fine she has every right to feel that way and you should have no reason to blame her for it. However, what it really is... is a big misunderstanding.

    Anywho, what I'm saying is no it's not wrong for you to feel this way. If anything just be careful and give your full attention to the girl you're seeing now and don't be talking about f*cking the other chick behind her back right after you break it off with her. That's just not cool.

    Anywho, gl hf dd
  3. I vote fuck both.
  4. Are you and girl 1 not exclusive? Is it mutually known?

    If you answered no to either, figure that out and go from there.

    If you answered yes to both, you have no reason to feel guilty.

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