Is it wrong to keep an indoor cat, well, ...indoors?

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  1. I have a sizable house. My cat is about 2 years old. She never tries to leave the house but she is constantly looking out the window. Nature is like her television.
    The vet told me not to let her outside because of potential diseases. I've done research and people say it's probably okay to take her outside on a leash. The thing is she doesn't try to escape the house now but I feel like if she gets a taste of it she'll want to go out all the time. Right now it's kind of like she doesn't know what she's missing. Like those lab monkeys.
    She's playful and I feel like she has a happy life but I can't help but feel bad for her when she stares longingly outside at birds she wants to eat. :(

    What do you guys think?
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  2. good for you for caring.. my cat does the same he likes sunbathing at the front/back door both have glass screen doors so he just sits there looks outside.. we let him go out in the front yard before without leesh and he sat in the grass .. if he did try to run i'd just shake the kitty treats bag ha

    i see no harm in letting them go outside but mayb google it some.. i see people online traveling with cats in RV;s and taking them on a leesh to parks my only concern would be their paws on rough ground
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  3. I have 6 cats and let them out supervised in the yard all the time. They have yet to pick up a disease or anything just from being outside but supervision is key.
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  4. i got some more bud the other day, so i was high as fuck this afternoon, in my own little world.
    i was spacing off, staring at my mom-in-laws bird, confined to the cage, poor birdy, hes really sweet. he always whistles when i come in the room. i was thinking how it sucked to be in there, and then i started thinking how pretty it was outside, and then some fresh air would do the bird good and i thought hey, lets let the bird out for a min, because living in this cage must suck, so i took the cage and was carried across the room to the slidding door and i put it down and i opened the slidding door, heard a click of a door closing and then i bent down to open the bird cage door, when my wife yelled out of nowwhere what was i doing with the bird lol
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  5. I'm laughing hard
  6. Great story! lol
  7. Nah i don't think its wrong. We have a female cat at our house named Deja and she has never been outside. She seems happy and playful with the kids too. I just feel a lot better not having to worry that she would get hit by a car or something as well.
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  8. Indoor cats seem to work just fine. If they don't get the idea that it's their playground out there, then they should be happy indoors. What does not work, in my experience, is trying to turn an outdoor cat into an indoor one. They rebel.

    I have six cats, and they go in or out whenever they want to. They're also in perfect health, aside from the occasional kitty sneeze. :confused_2: I do worry that they'll get hit by a car or something like that, but it's the trade off I make for letting them have freedom.

    Note: I live in the middle of the city, in a little area perfectly suited for cats. The alley behind my house is cut off from cars and is an ideal cat environment, and they never seem to roam as far as the street.
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  9. I never had a cat because my pops disliked the lovely beasts. They are mystical though and you are all pretty cool cat owners. I once lived with a cat that would follow me around the neighborhood when I walked my doggos, pouncing from shrub to shrub!

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  10. I know I'm late to the party.
    I have four cats. All rescues. All indoor cats.
    Three of them were raised together. They were never let outside. Not going to start now.
    The fourth cat has a bad history. She probably was an outdoor stray. I know for sure she was kicked out of several homes and a couple shelters. I really had to lean on the Seattle Humane Society to let me adopt her.
    She won't go outside at all. After a couple years she's turned out to be a great kitty.
    My opinion is cats should be indoor pets. Indoor cats live longer. Less prone to fleas and disease.
    Much less prone to being taken as prey by coyotes and other predators.
    There are coyotes active in my neighborhood. Once in a great while I spot one.

    Shoosh the clown cat plotting mischief and mayhem.
  11. our cat also does not go out.
  12. Where I grew up Cats were always getting shot or hit by cars
    So No it is OK to let them stay inside if that's the case
  13. Where did Zoom Rabbit go anyway
  14. Really shit
    Thanks Did not know
  15. the last time we got a cat, we got her from a very sweet and loving girl who was moving into an apartment for college and she couldn't keep her cat. I will never forget her crying when we meet her. this cat was so sweet and beautiful. she was an inside cat. sleep in bed with us. she never shown any interest in going outside. one morning we forgot to close the windows and she escape but she came back. the next time we forgot the window again she went exploring but this time she got ran over by a car.
    I would keep the cat inside
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  16. We've owned cats for years in our (huge) apartment here in Europe. They are all inside only but get to hang out on the "cat-escape-proof" balcony, weather permitting.

    Of course they have access to all the (closed) windows too.

    In the beginning of my cat experience, as a former dog only guy (when I lived in the states), I thought it was kind of cruel to have the cats basically committed to life in prison.


    I don't have a bad conscious anymore. The cats have a great life, they are healthy, warm, fed and watered. But the most important thing is.... Love. Unconditional love.

    The only thing I could recommend in your situation is a second cat so the first has someone when you're gone.

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