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Is it wrong that I sometimes like a reggie high?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by JeanRalphio, Oct 24, 2014.

  1. It's just so chill and relaxed compared to me being a zombie and tired as fuck doing dabs or facing 1 or 2 blunts and just laughing at everything.

  2. Reggie's give me straight headaches, I don't know what they're like for you, vaping gives me a nice relaxing high though and I prefer the vape many times
  3. Yes.

    You are a disgrace to all stonerdom, and have invalidated your stoner card
  4. I feel ya. When i smoke dank I always pass out. But with mid im able to still function.
  5. So wrong, you're a disgrace to stoners everywhere!!!
    Nah man, just kidding. We've all smoked the mexi-brick at some point.
  6. Mids are great for smoking light. They give you the buzz
    savory and light...enhancing your mood, a good choice for tonight.
    But smoke a bunch for a long time and it will ruin your body by causing inflamation in many many ways throughout your entire body.
    It can aggravate any condition that involves dehydration and anxiety.
    Illnesses...or stress. THATS ALOT OFF STUFF
    It lowers your immune system and probably destroys any l-glutemine in your body.And vitamin c.
    But if a little gets you stimulated, and feels like you smoked for a long time. Stay a minimalist. And stay a light weight toker.
    Or buy some hi end as it will last longer...but its hard to measure sweet can smoke alot. :)
  7. Not at all, weed is weed. You get high and pay less than the next guy. Being a weed elitist is wrong!
  8. Except if it has mold or lead or any other mexican shenanigans goin on :D
  9. Avid, Im not a weed 'elitist" and its not wrong to smoke better weed! Thats funny.
    Dood, I know here your coming from, a huge expense... but if you buy hi end and smoke it as one hitters and not spliffa goes much further and gets you much higher.For the dollar. If you can find it in your area. It tastes great and keeps your head clear if you smoke ALOT ,all the time.
    After 20 years I found it cheaper and feel better. If you can get it. Use a small cone shaped pipe, like a bong, even if no water inside.
    Avoid fly back of pure carbon ash directly down the throat.
    A little water in the bong can help.
    Live longer, feel better.
  10. #10 JeanRalphio, Oct 25, 2014
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    I do love the potent ass smells and highs of dank, not going to lie, but I can't be that baked all the time, the weed in my area is paralyzing. When I started selling, I had been given some seeds grew them and smoked the weed, never found out the strain but I'm pretty sure it was mids and I liked the pleasant ass low key high it gave me and I coulld still be high every minute of everyday and function well enough to not fuck up the process of making/extraction all the other drugs I sell.
  11. Good weed gives me more motivation and enjoyment out of everything, including physical activity. The high is very much more clear and even if I'm super high, I can function more normal in public.

    Regular weed stones me and makes me want to sit back and relax. My thinking is either a million thoughts a minute or I'm completely dumbed down. I feel slowed but really don't mind it either. After smoking enough Reggie, I'll start feeling lethargic and careless.
  12. #12 Infinite Experience, Oct 26, 2014
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    Can't talk about that stuff here, I'd edit before a mod sees it.
  13. #13 Mid man, Oct 26, 2014
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    I feel like people are confusing dangerous chemicals/mold and lower quality weed.
  14. Eh I have a buddy who asks me for schwagg because weed is too strong for him. I can't find schwagg if I tried, I have to find ingenious ways to pack half - a - rice - grain sized bowls.
  15. He should probably kill or get himself checked out, who WANTS to smoke schwag?
  16. 300 a qp vs 800 a qp on medical... older people usually like mids
  17. Mids is not schwag.
  18. well where I'm from they're synonyms, if you're talking dirt weed... I can smoke a half o and not even feel as high as if I were to smoke a .3 of kush
  19. Where I live, it's schwag - mids - fire.
    That's the truth.
  20. I'm high right now and you're probably gonna be high when your read this, lol, but just because we're high, we both can't assume. We both know everything is not the same everywhere and we have to explain a little better to give a fairer understanding. I'm so proud of myself for this, I'm fucking baked and that looks serious as fuck.

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