is it wrong or weird to think....

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Digit, Apr 20, 2004.


is it weird or wrong to think that pregnant women are HOT?

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  4. ;) nah. they hot. ;)

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  1. pregnant women are hot.

  2. lol digit i got told that so much when i was prego and i thought...ya riiiight lol but i mean alot so maybe its not so weird i dunno lmfao :p
    toke on :smoke:
  3. Which stae of pregnancy, the bigger boob part or the part where the stomach really outgrows the bigger boobs? lol
  4. If its with MY baby, then yeah. If not, fuck that. lol
  5. saw a pregnant weather reporter on the bbc,.... all i could think was... \"!!!!!!!\" :D

    the big boobs, the big belly, the whole shape, the curve of the spine against the curve of the belly, the relief of three big bumps.. idk... theres just some kind of appeal.

    maybe its the artist in me, or maybe its my dirty mind... dont change a thing. pregnant=hot.


  6. It sure did. :D

  7. Right on, its cats out there tryin to holler at pregnant married women in their 7th month. Thats some dumb and disrespectful shit to me.

    I say its wrong for that matter, personally i couldnt get down with some lady who\'s pregnant with another mans child,

    Whatever gets you goin i guess.
  8. \"its cats out there tryin to holler at pregnant married women in their 7th month. Thats some dumb and disrespectful shit to me.\"

    i\'d say that about hollerin at women regardless of their condition. ... but i guess it depends on what you\'re hollering! lol.

    disclaimer- i\'m not so twisted that i only like pregnant women. i just thought the old standard needed to be challenged. words like dowdy, fat, bloated just so completely do not apply in my mind. additionally, getting pregnant isnt going to make me find someone attractive whom i did not before.

    :rolleyes: oh dear. the threads i start here sometimes. lmao!
  9. \"i\'d say that about hollerin at women regardless of their condition. ... but i guess it depends on what you\'re hollering! lol.\"



    I don\'t mean yelling as in shouting AT them, i\'m talkin about

    tryin to get in them underpants. (Unless its your baby, then

    they\'re sexy for some reason.)
  10. Yeah Digit, they\'re totally hot :D It\'s not your fault you didn\'t know what \"hollering\" meant, you\'re from Scotland! Rock on in the UK! Happy 420.
  11. Yeah Digit, they\'re totally hot :D Anyway, don\'t listen to that guy. It\'s not your fault you didn\'t know what \"hollering\" meant... You\'re from Scotland! Anyway, scope out them pregnant chicks for me and lemme know what\'s up. hoot hoot

  12. LOL, I was at his house when he did that...the first time it said the website didn\'t respond...hahaha!
  13. meh, sorry, but that\'s really unattractive to me. I think you people are weird, though I won\'t say wrong since you have every right to your (weird) opinion ;)
  14. i think pregnant women have this glow about them. a sparkle in their eye. i loved being pregnant.....sigh......

    i don\'t think there is anything wrong at all about finding a pregnant women attractive. not one bit;)
  15. i don\'t find the pregnant state to be any more attractive than any other(wahhh?!?! there\'s more states of women). It just depends on the person. some pregnant women can be really hot others just look *cough*fat*cough*

    it isn\'t wierd, it makes sense. We define our desirable traits that suggest the ability to procreate, to protect the young, and the ability to sustain one\'s own life afterwards (but that one isn\'t quite as important and not as strongly hardwired into us). Then comes what ever else our personal tastes see as desirable. This is why a representation pregnant woman is used most often (nothing to back this comment up, just what it seems to be) for good luck charms in many cultures.

    Us males can see visiably that the woman is fertile when she is pregnant. Being pregnant takes care of the first condition and being late in the pregnancy implies the second one. Since its usually a sign that she is also taken, she becomes even more attractive because we can\'t have her.

    or maybe my stonededness makes me try to become smart sounding. i can never tell.

    ps someone teach me to have thoughts (that aren\'t always interrupted by side thoughts) written down coherently :p
  16. jennifer anniston didnt look so b ad on friends ;) i got with HOT!
  17. I like \"big\" women sometimes! Just didnt have the nerve to marry one=}


    Maybe that remark belongs in a different thread about my deepest secrets! lmfao

  18. I\'ll give you a wink for free...being pregnant sucks. ;););)
  19. well, i personally think pregnant women are beautiful. i remember when my mom was pregnant, i took so many pictures of her. they (along with the mood swings and attitude) have this glow that just attracts your attention. i would say they are H.O.T.!!!
  20. first up... \"states of women\". :D HAHAHAA. who said that? its funny.
    Palmer Eldrich said it. it still funny.

    HighGirly: \"*sighs*its sad i guess the only way i could get a wink outta digit is too....get pregnant...lmao\"

    Digit: HA. ;) :p

    adding to the over population problem isnt a good way of gettin my attention tho. lol.

    now alls i gots ta say befo\' i go is:


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