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Is it worth the 100$

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ghanjamonsta, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. Is it? Supposed to be from Cali, he doesn't know strain, and wants 100 bucks for this but for me it's a gamble because of the guys character. Said its 11g.

  2. hard to tell... could you take it out of the bag and do a size comparison?
  3. Honestly, the weed is nothing special looks like average stuff to me. Make sure he scales it infront of you.
  4. Depends on where you're from, where I live that's a steal, if it is what he said, but regardless. Have him weigh it in front of you
  5. Looks pretty average, from where I'm from that's a steal.
  6. looks good to me
  7. Washington State. And yeah idk I'm still iffy about it. Idkkkk. I know I doesnt look too great so yeah idk yet
  8. doesn't look that great to me. i'm sure it smokes okay, though. but, no. not worth it. you should just grow some.
  9. Unless you have huge hands I don't think it's 11g. Bud looks average but that might be the bad trim
  10. Poorly trimmed and I don't see much trichomes present so I would probably pass on that unless it's the only option.
  11. Doesn't look that bad...

    atleast you dont have to pay 30 dollars a g like we do where i live..

  12. Washington state, i am going to go ahead and guess its a total rip off..

    I always see people from there claiming to be getting 14g's of DANKKKK for 100 or less... Not only that, but the quality does not look that great from the pic.
  13. I told him no. The only way I get dank is through my family, that why I don't buy from friends and this has shown me again why I should never. Thanks guys
  14. Very doubtful
  15. It looks shitty
  16. You got a good weight but bad quality.
  17. Not worth the 100.
  18. There is NO WAY that is 11 gr
  19. Sadly it'd cost like $140 for an ounce of twice the quality in Cali

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