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Is it worth smoking really late at night

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dmac103, Mar 17, 2012.

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    My dealer is about to come by in about 20 minutes, then I have to make a gravity bong cause neither of us have a gar and gas stations are closed. So by the time I make a gb, go outside and smoke i'm guessing it'll be bout 4 o clock. Do you think it's worth smoking this late at night with the possible risk of falling asleep during your high, or do you think I should just wait til tomorrow to smoke..
  2. well i like to go to sleep stoned, helps me sleep. but yeah save it for a wake and bake or an after lunch toke
  3. I just don't like smokin and falling asleep, I feel like I wasted my high. Not sure what it is yet, he said it was dank. But if it's some sativa I should be able to stay awake but indica could put me to sleep.
  4. I like to get a little high to help me get to sleep. But I don't smoke a ton right before I go to bed. I'd rather enjoy the high for a while before passing out :smoking:
  5. are you smoking with your dealer?
  6. I dont cherish my high that much that I wouldnt smoke before going to sleep lol. Sometimes I blaze and go right to bed. I dont even consider it a waste. I mean come on the high isnt that special that you have to save it for the right time.....
  7. No. I've only got enough money to get 1 g right now. And with a gb I can smoke .5 tonight and .5 tomorrow and be pretty blazed cause with these you only need about 3 hits. Also the reason I'm gettin bud tonight is cause I know it will be next to impossible to get a hold of him tomorrow during st patrick's day cause he'll be out partying.
  8. But I wouldnt blaze at 4am if I had to go through all that trouble, not even worth it.
  9. Wait till 4:20am then blaze just pull an all nighter
  10. He's still trying to get a ride to my house cause hes got no car. Smh
  11. Tell him forget it than and go to bed lol. I wouldnt stay up and wait for my weed that late not like you cant get it tomorrow.
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    Doubt I'll be able to get a hold of him tomorrow though. I guess I'll have to smoke it tomorrow at this point, I'm already aboout to pass out as it is.
  13. Personally, I wouldn't smoke at 4am, or even ~1 hour before I'm gonna pass out. Not only does it waste your high, but it gets your body in the groove of having the bud put you to sleep. I forget my dreams every night I smoke aswell, but that might just be me. (And I fuckin love my dreams more than anything haha)
  14. I try to stay awake for at least an hour if I blaze before bed. No point if you go straight to sleep.
  15. Wow I'm pissed I waited all night and he's just now comin...
  16. dmac u high?
  17. i wouldnt you can get dependent on weed to help you sleep if you do it too much. and thats a bitch to stop
  18. Only if you stay up!

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