is it worth moving ?

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    First , me and my wife have discussed moving out west years ago before any kind of medical cannabis laws were in place . Yes we smoked then Too :yummy:   :hide:
    Since Colorado passed recreational we have decided to go - At least for a while . Live in Colorado , see the other side of the country and who knows maybe even decide to stay after the initial year .
    I have a friend that wants to move out there now after seeing all the news reports and radio story's about Colorado and legalization .
    How long till The rest of the country Legalizes ? One Year ? Two ?  
    What would be the point of moving to Colorado only for cannabis if the feds are going to legalize anyways in a year ? 
    What will America's Federal Cannabis laws be in Five Years ?  

  2. Honestly California and Arizona are good states to live in.

    Avoid Los Angeles or anywhere Southern California. Clovis is a good area to raise children or live single on a working class salary. Avoid Fresno though.

    For Arizona, I like Gilbert and Mesa.
  3. And you can also heat your house here with a wood burning stove in rural areas of CA. Saves A LOT of money
  4. Stay away from Utah! Worst place to get busted in the US.
  5. dont move to AZ our laws on marijuana are fucked and you wont get a medical card unless your 60 with some wicked disease. no headaches or back pains will help hrre.
  6. i hear theres gold out west 

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