Is it worth LSTing this stunted little auto?

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  1. Hey guys so this auto got burned as a seedling. It's only maybe 40 days old so it's still got about 30 days but I realize I'll likely only get 1-3 grams if that.

    There are two to three bud sites on the bottom with white hairs, is it worth LSTing this little gal or just leave it to grow one main cola?

    I'm using a 300 watt led so penetration to the bottom isn't bad especially at this size of plant. Other auto in the cab will be getting bigger and bigger though, possibly taking up some of its light,,

    Much appreciated In advance! Pics below!

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  2. Don't LST that, it will turn your one bud into 3 shittier ones.
  3. Lol I figured that was the case. Thanks for the response it's hard to get a response at all here as seem on my dead journal ;) Will probably let her be.
  4. I don't even know if you could lst her :p
  5. id be so pissed if i only grew 1 plant and it tuned out like this! problem with autos there so inconstant,id just leave it to grow buddy better luck with the other plant! 
  6. Yeah it was being light burnt for about a week and a half and I stupidly thought it was some deficiency lol. Never had the problem before so I'm pretty sure all should go well from now on!
  7. Just my guess, let it be since it has already started to bud. The main bud should get all 
    the stress free life it has left
  8. U can't lst that there's nothing to lst. Just let her grow u never know u may be surprised.

    not alot of people know that I don't know that, but I bloody well don't!

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