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Is it worth it?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by vaheb, Aug 7, 2011.

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    So here's my guys should search my long post about what i'm going through with my parents right now if you have the chance..

    But here's a short summary:

    Got randomly drug tested by them (I'm 20) and they basically said if I get caught one more time they will stop paying for my apartment and tuition.

    Here is my question to you all.. my entire family is leaving this coming friday to go on vacation for about 7 days. My friend just picked up some Skywalker OG from a local club and when I saw it I got a lil tempted earlier this week but I didn't hit it. I've been back home this weekend at the parentals house and going back to my apartment tomorrow night (Sunday). If I take one snap with my friend tomorrow night through a nice Sheldon Black(hehe), which I know probably only lasts about 1 week in urine, would it be worth it to go through all the trouble? They will return like 13 or 14 days after I take the snap. They most probably won't test me when they're back but I'm just a little paranoid.


    ps. I haven't smoked for over 10 weeks.
  2. If doing marijuana risks your education and living expenses, I wouldn't do it.
  3. I'd say it's too risky. If they've drug tested you in the past, and they know you're going to be alone for a long period of time, they may do it again. I don't think it's worth it just for one high.
  4. yeah smoking isnt really worth losing a place to live and shit lol but if you really need to just have a friend who doesnt smoke piss in a bag for you or somethin
  5. Technically then, it should be fine to do. It sounds like enough time, as long as you just smoke the once.
    But as far as respect goes, I wouldn't. I mean, my parents are paying for those things for me as well. So if they specifically told me not to I probably wouldn't. :p
  6. dont risk it. sometimes you gotta ask yourself if the juice is worth the squeeze, it is not
  7. Yeah, I guess it's not worth it for just one high.

    It's sad how i have my card for my depression and anxiety because I refuse to take any form of pills, and I can't do anything about it. The first 2 weeks were freaking crazy, I would just angry for the smallest things and just be pissed all the time but i've learned to cope with it slowly since 10 weeks has passed. I've learned to handle my emotions and my mood swings, so I guess this long break was a good thing because I can depend on myself.
  8. Do your parents know you're using it medicinally? If not, it would be wise to alert them so they don't think you're just trying to get high.
  9. Just drink alcohol and be on the safe side. Don't fuck yourself over.
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    Wait, you have a MMJ card and they won't let you medicate? WTF kind of bs is that. Educate them on the matter and explain why it's important for you to use it.

  11. Wait... Do you have a medical marijuana card, and your parents demand you not smoke? Maybe remind them that a DOCTOR prescribed you marijuana as a form of MEDICINE.

  12. Haha, beat me to it. :smoke:
  13. Yes, I told them and my dad called me a pussy for doing so because he also has major anxiety and says he can handle it without using any drugs.

    They think it's goddamn heroin for F's sake and I made them watch "The Union," and they thought I was just trying to brainwash them.

    My psychologist even talked to my dad and he just cussed her out, LOL.
  14. If I had a card there would be no hesitation - I'd be smoking when I felt it would benefit me.

    Doctors know more than your parents - I'm not saying smoke, just try to make them reconsider.
  15. Well I wouldn't risk it. Not worth losing your house and education.
  16. I've tried everything sadly. Nothing will make them come to their senses and I cannot do anything about it because if he stops paying, than I don't know how I will be paying for everything which is about 40k a year. I don't have that kind of money and I don't want to fall in debt at this young of an age.
  17. Just piss in a bag or container before the smoke (assuming ur clean after 10 weeks) and stash it in the bathroom or tape it to ur leg or something... R they at home tests?

  18. Perhaps, but doctors at mmj clinics give cards to anyone who pays.
  19. damn your 20 and your parents still drug test you? mine got over me smoking when i was like 15... but hold off for a week dude then when they leave....... RIP THAT SHIT
  20. You're 20 and you let your parents drug test you? Slap their shit

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