Is it worth it?

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    It this worth $89.00 im going to email them and ask how thick the glass is. but do you guys think its worth the price
  2. that thing looks beastly but not very portable. bubblers are supposed to be portable and function so idk. its glass ong glass too so thats a plus. if i had a spare 89 bucks id buy it but not as a portable peice i would rely on to take with me places
  3. well i dont really want to be taking it places i have a smaller one for that i just want somethign i can walk around my house with at night :smoking:
  4. i wouldnt man. could get a hell of a lot better bubbler for 89 than that. maybe a multi-chambered one or one with nice artwork. i mean all that bubbler does is diffuse like a normal downstem.. not much diffusion or artwork. if your gonna spend 90 bucks on a bubbler better be really cool or diffuse really well.. like maybe 4 arms? maybe more chambers? plus that downstem looks like it could break easily
  5. you could do better but 89 isnt bad for that
  6. could u pm me a link of something better i like clear glass

  7. portability is all in perspective

  8. Ive also been looking at that piece considering ordering it. The one thing i dont like is the non removable stem. if your gonna make it like that, why not make it removeable? if not, PERCS

    I just want SOME KIND of glass on glass bubbler. I really am having a hard time finding much this like this online (my local places suck and have nothing close, and have never even seen stuff like this)

    Anybody else have any suggestions other than this one? I wouldnt mind spending a few hundred on a nice piece.
  9. holy crap where did u get that thing its rly nice and was it around 200 by any chance
  10. that was probably like $400 super big,,i like that thing,,looks like it rips hard,,and for this clear bub,,its worth the $89 but it looks like its crooked as shit in the second pic,,i would look around though,,peace LEAR
  11. wow Yawbus thats insane may i ask a name?
  12. I sent you a pm man. that place is loaded with glass in every price range from legit glassblowers.:smoking:

  13. itza removable 8/8 king dub, right?

    good shit, regardless.
  14. check etsy. its full of sick bubblers. the user dethstar on there has one just like the one you posted for $45.
  15. Seth I sent you a PM man, I feel like being nice and hooking up a fellow smoker.
  16. The interesting thing about glass is that like all art it's worth what people will pay for it. I think if it's 89 with shipping that's an alright deal. You could beat it... but you certainly shouldn't feed bad cause it isn't a ripoff.

    But.... there are better deals out there. Like a luke wilson 10 arm micro bub... those are 120-130. A little more money for a whole lot more value.
  17. no that wasn't around $200.

    thats a pretty close guesstimate

    I don't name my stuff sorry

  18. Are you talking about its name or you don't tell brand names.

    I was wanting to know the brand name not its name.

    But if you still respectfully decline i understand.
  19. oh i thought you were talking about a name for it like some people do. it was already stated somewhere in thread that it was an Itza.

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