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Is it worth it!?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Stylez, Jan 29, 2003.

  1. It'll take me 41 hrs to download Half Baked....
  2. not really..

    get broadband man, i just got the 700mb dvd rip of requiem for a dream in 2 hours
  3. wow... what a question... lol. i'd say its worth it... that's a loooong ass time though. with a connection that slow are you sure you're computer can handle the movie?
  4. Yeah his computer can handle it, trust me. Its just that he has a 56K modem, he has a good video card and alot of space to use up.
  5. btw, are picture siggies like the one I got now aloud?

    I hope so, cuz I luv my siggie, i got the bong pic straight off this site ;)
  6. oh and does the weed leave look familiar?

    look at my avatar, same leave, lol.
  7. yeah. as long as the pics aren't too big (which yours doesn't apear to be)...

    i like the pic in your sig by the way :D
  8. coo :D
    btw, I always wondered, cottons what teh f00k is up with ur avatar? lol
    thats a scary lookin dude
  9. go for it. i dl 30-40 min skate vids all the time. takes 1-2hr to dl 30-> movies. sometimes mIRC is way faster than kazza when i dl skate vids.

  10. LOL. he was freakin' me the fuck out tonight. acid and scary avatars don't mix :D

    basically there's this guy nubbin. he has this really scary ass avatar called the ice cream man... well, i had this pic of some dude with a lot of piercings... somewhere along the way namron_420s mentions the mesh tanktop of the ICM being the scariest part of him... so i figure, what the hell? so i put piercing guys face on the ICM's body... and there ya have it =)
  11. lol i love people trippin tryin to explain things! its great. And that avitar is scarreh.

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