Is it worth it?

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  1. A little about myself in this situation might help.
    I'm 18 and still living with my parents, who know I smoke regularly and don't mind as long as I'm responsible and my grades stay up and everything, it's kind of the thing that's just understood but never talked about which is a good way to keep it I think. I go through about a quarter ounce a week for personal use, and I've very recently started saving any seeds I find with my bud. I put them in a bag with the strain name on it if I know the name, and then I have a bag of mixed ones. I was thinking about doing some indoor growing, just a plant or two, but I don't know if my parents would be okay with it and it's not the type of thing I want to risk asking.

    So here's time for the real questions. Would I be able to do this in my room without anyone really noticing? I know the plants have a smell but when I'm home I spend a lot of time in my room, and whenever I'm in my room I have incense burning/scented candles lit, plus my parents are big into incense have them burning around the house a lot anyway. Also, would it be too much to manage? I was thinking about just going really natural and go with the flow about it, just keep a plant in my room by the window most of the day but probably not use a light. I know this would really restrict the "growability" of it, but seeing as I'm still in high school I can't really afford as nice of a growing situation as I'd like. The bud the seeds come from has all been nice and enjoyable to smoke, so that's what I'm looking for most. I don't even need the plants to yield much.

    I'm mostly just looking into this as a way to save myself some money (I'm spending about $200-$400 a month on bud at the moment) so would the product of the plants be worth the process to grow? I bought a book on growing (Cannabis Cultivation, A Complete Grower's Guide by Mel Thomas) but it's mostly involving a much better growing situation than I have hahaha. I'm not really looking to put money into this, just going with the flow and trying to save up for college.
  2. No growing without your parents permission - I'd say.
  3. My parents are the same, except I talk to them about weed etc. I just told them how I felt about having to spend my money, and go meet sketchy dealers in a parking lot somewhere, where you could get busted, or robbed. I let them know how "safe" growing can be, as long as your not stupid about it, and they thought about it, and eventually let me.
  4. It will not work out as you plan. It just won't. The smell will be much stronger than any incense, and growing on the window will cause too much stress, they will not get enough light. Plus you will have to put money forth towards nutrients, and Ph up and down.
  5. Yeah with no lights or nutrients you probably wont yield any buds if any. The plant will grow just fine by the window in the right temp but it wont bud as far as I know.
  6. Yeah, it would bud. But it would be some really, fluffy, schwaggy weed.

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