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Is it worth it to filter my bong water for weed chunks

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MenacingVisage, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. I've got lots of specks, and a quite a few chunks of weed floating around in my water I guess from before I got a screen a two days ago. Is it worth it to filter the bong water for the weed chunks and etc if it's not very old.:hello::smoke::hello::cool::eek::eek::cool::eek::eek::cool::eek::eek::mad:

  2. NO!!!!!!!

    Try it if you want lol, they'll be pretty stanky.
  3. I like this thread, I too have though about this to no avail.

    THC is not water soluble so in my opinion you could get high from it, but here are my my concerns. First and foremost is mold; that stuff is no joke if you smoke it some pretty bad side effects follow (Extreme nausea. puking,sweating,nervousness etc. exhibits flu symptoms.) However, there is such a thing called "water curing" in which you soak your bud in water for something like 24 hours? maybe more? Then allow it to dry naturally by hanging it somehow. Perhaps it could work in a similar way? Someone with more knowledge than me would have to answer this.But my best guess is

    Maybe, if you do not see any mold after the bud is completely dry.
  4. well I think i'll sift out some of the little chunks cause some of them are pretty big,

    I know thc isn't water soluble, but on the other hand the bong water has changed color slightly, kinda like when you run water through a dirty pipe but not as nasty looking, just that resiny color.

    mold grows in humidity and I can't see mold growing on the weed as its been in too much water (like generally it's not above water), the bong (a water bottle) has been open and receiving oxygen. I know I was taught that mold grows well in sealed, humid enviroments which my bong is not, so I feel like I ought to worry about algae before mold. haha

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