Is it worth growing these?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by catfish swiming, May 24, 2011.

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    I had these two plants planted outdoors towards the end of summer and close to autumn. It is now autumn and they arent doing very well. They are about maybe 2-3 months old.

    Now i have two seeds germanating in two pots and then they are going under lights. is it worth saving these and starting them under lights or starting from seed. I figure it would be best to start from seed as they will be stressed out and maybe die. Im not really worried about hermie's because i need more seeds for spring.

    Just so you guys know i do infact have green thumbs. here are two plants of the same genetics that aare only 30 days old ubaload.JPG they turned male on me.... bastards....
  2. I would separate them and plant them. They'll grow. I have on occasion had plants that looked much worse come back and be killer.
  3. i stunted the shit outta this little plant i currently have, i basically did everything i could to make its little life miserable and scary...
    now, she's a bit smaller than the others, but smells much more potent than any other plant i have.
    stress can do a lot to the potency of plants, i say go for it amigo.
  4. I would flower them early because you will have root binding probs if they get too big. They look good right now.

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