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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by AmsterdamdreamN, Dec 19, 2002.

  1. OK, I am still new here, but I got such good tips in the first post I asked a question in, I thought I'd ask another.

    Back in High School, a friend and I grew a few plants outdoors. I lived in the country, by a creek, so we planted a few seeds near the creek. Just kept an eye on them until we could tell the males, yanked em' out, then let mother nature take over. We had heard we should harvest right after the first light frost. Thats what we did and ended up with some pretty good smoke.

    Now my prob. I live in the city. Smoke is more expensive here. ( More hydro ) So I wanna try to grow a little of my own to try to save a little money. I looked through some of the old posts here, and the narrowest cabinet I could find was 24 inches. Mine is a little narrower. Here is what I have to work with. I have 2 metal cabinets. Each one is 36 inches wide, 18 inches deep and about 6 1/2 feet tall. I know they are tall and wide enough for 1 or 2 plants ( I figure 3 would be pushing it.) But are they deep enough. 18 inches doesn't seem too deep to me. And I can't push them together to make one big one either. But if I could use them for growing purposes, what all would I need? I plan to start out using soil. Unless hydro is easier. ( It doesn't look too easy to me. ) I don't have a lot of cash, ( few hundred saved up. ) About what will it cost me for a light, and what size would I need. And about the ferts, what kind?

    I guess my main question was is 18 inches deep enough for a plant,

    And IF I can use them, What size HPS light would I need? Any replies would be GREATLY APPRECIATED! Thanks!
  2. at the moment i have a grow inside an old wardrobe that measures approx 22" D x 34" W x 74" H, 250W HPS and growing ten plants! "Sea of Green" all of which are now flowering after 5 weeks from germination. So yes to your question.
    good luck
  3. I'd say it's worth a try bud! And don't worry, there are plenty of knowledge people here to help you along the way. :)
  4. 250 watt hps at the inside sun company, check the links for the addresss
  5. Great fellas! I'm gonna try it as soon as possible. I'm sure you all will be hearing quite a bit from me ( if you don't mind ) as I try to learn this. I try to look around first, so I'm not asking questions everyone's heard 100 times. So before I leave this time, I have a question I hope you all have heard only 93 or 94 times. How safe is it to order lights and have them mailed? I have heard stories of the law sitting outside some of our local grow shops looking for people buying growing supplies. I have even heard of store owners giving the address's of "suspicious'' purchases. If I order the light online, do you think I should get a PO box to have it sent to? I feel kind of funny having it sent to my house. Thanks for the info guys. If I can use half of the knowledge you all have shown in the posts I've read, I should have some pretty fine additions to my family. Thanks again, and I hope you all don't get sick of me before this is done.

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