is it wierd that i like my 1" free cosmic case more than my 4 peice generic one?

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  1. is it because i feel stupid for liking it more since i dont get any keif and i cant even think for a reason why i like it besides it does it in like 1-2 turns instead of 3-4
  2. No harm in that bro! Sometimes I'd rather hit my basic spoon than my 300$ bong. Simplicity is nice once in a while, and it's your weed anyway :smoke:
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    You like the Cosmic Case because it is a high quality, American made grinder.

    I like my 2pc Titanium Space Case better than my Chinese made 4pc Sharpstone or my Chinese made 4pc Aerospace. The Sharpstone and Aerospace are still decent grinders, but any of the 3 American made (Cosmic Case, Space Case, Mendo Mulcher) will be better than any of the Chinese grinders.
  4. As StuGrimson23 said. You like it better because it's a better quality grinder. Tell your tale to those that think a cheap grinder is "just as good" or "identical except for the name" as a good grinder. All my friends with cheap grinders always use my 2 piece Ti Space Case when they can.

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