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Is It Wierd Ive Never Smoked A Joint Or Blunt?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by The Chronic G, May 29, 2013.

  1. I assume most smokers started on blunts or obviously joints but I used a makeshift bong at first, now I use a makeshift vape

  2. do yourself a favor and get some real glass :p
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    My first thing was a joint...however I've used various gatorade bongs or other MacGuyver bongs before actually purchasing glass. (was not of legal age at the time)
  4. How long have you been smoking?  I'd say it's not all that unusual, but the first time I smoked, it was a joint.  Pretty even mix of Js and pipes when I started though.  These days it's pretty much only glass, but I do enjoy sitting outside with a J every once and awhile.   :smoking:  
  5. I first had it as a spliff. Then as a bong made from a 2 litre plastic coke bottle, then a massive bong a friend had at uni, various other bongs after that and then most recently in a vape. 
    Best high of the lot was in a good water bong. I like the vape and that's all I have right now while living under my parents roof (Dragon Lite for stealth), but I would love to have a bong again. LOVE smoking from the bong and getting super mong  :bongin:  :metal:
  6. I smoked bowls when I first started.  About a month into me starting to smoke daily I used a blunt with my friends.  Then me and my friend started to roll joints and we got into making those.
    I wouldn't consider it weird.  Whatever works for you dude.  I would however invest on getting a nice glass piece.
  7. your prob more of a solo smoker, ive found that when i smoke in groups, at leaast 1 join/blunt gets passed around
  8. No shame in using homemade stuff or glass. The first time for me was a J, but then after that it was predominantly glass, mostly bowls. I prefer glass over papers to be honest...just so much more smooth.

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