Is It Weird To Have To Poop Right After Smoking A Joint?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by JonaMe, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. I have this weird thing where every time I smoke a joint I have to take a poop.  Usually it's after 5 minutes.  I don't have any weird problems or anything.  Just need to every single time.
    Anyone else got that?

  2. Usually its the other way around. If i have take a shit, and i smoke, i dont have to take a shit anymore.

  3. it would be weird if it didnt happen to you
  4. Never happened to me. Seems weird. Are you sure you smoke weed ?
  5. Nah I can relate. After I smoke a blunt, I strangely get the urge that I need to take a deuce. It sucks though because stomach aches just sucks the enjoyment out of my high.
  6. Other way around for me i take a big ass shit before I smoke, its like a ritual. Its weird

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  7. It's happened to me occasionally after a couple bowls, although it may have only been coincidence.
  8. I usually have that feeling half way through cigarettes. Not reall ever happened with weed though.
  9. I have it sometimes, too. Only happens when I'm smoking alone at home, though.
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    It's usually like that after I smoke my morning cig. Gotta have my cig, take a shit, and drink some coffee. Usually simultaneously.
  11. Yea, other way around for me as well lol. Thats just weird as fuck...
  12. It used to happen to me like clockwork, if I smoked early after waking up
  13. dude be thankful. i poop like once every day and a half, sometimes ive gotta struggle to get that huge turd out
    (i don't have a bad diet or anything, im actually rather healthy, but i don't get the urge to shit every day)
  14. Yeah be thankful. Its every couple days for me and i have a good diet etc. i would love to everyday.

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  15. Na marijuana does some things to your muscles so Im pretty sure thats why

  16. Smoking before you shit is the worst ever. If you say you don't mind it you're lying.
  17. Every time i get high i have to sit there all high and take a greasy poo. 
  18. It would happen to me more with cigarettes than cannabis.
    Something about that nicotine, or the hundreds of other chemicals jammed into those things.
  19. I have gastrointestinal problems (both upper and lower). No duece'n myself or anything, but yes, I usually need to drop a hiroshima with a a side or two of nagasaki not too long after smoking.
    Might have to do with Tobacco being a natural laxative from what I understand...

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